Photography Sneak Peek: Cabezon

Reviews aside, one of the best ways to find out if a restaurant is what you’re looking for, is to go take a look. When traveling to a new city, that can be, a tad tricky.

The desire to check out restaurant images before visiting is the exact reason, ALOR is creating a photography sneak peeks for restaurants we recommend.

Cabezon Restaurant Images

Cabezon is known for fresh seafood and it is in truth, simply delicious. One of the most reliable seafood picks in Portland, Oregon. We’ve aggregated a few reviews of Cabezon below for ease. The photography is a sneak peek from our interview with Cabezon Owner and Chef David Farrell which is now live!

In the meantime, here’s a sneak peek at Cabezon.

Signature Dishes Cabezon Food Images


“It’s what we’re known for, we make our fish stock fresh everyday and the shellfish in these parts is second to none.” — Chef David Farrell, Cabezon

Cioppino at Cabezon
Cioppino at Cabezon

Fish of the Day

Fresh fish is what Chef David Farrell is known for as well. Specials change daily focusing on local fish and what’s in peak season.

“Today I bought local Black Cod and some Petrale Sole fillet.  Last night we sold out. You have to keep it tight when it comes to fish.”  — Chef David Farrell, Cabezon

Fish du jour Stripped Bass
Fish du jour Stripped Bass

Whiskey Ice Cream Profiteroles

Let’s not forget to save room for dessert, because you really should at Cabezon. Now if you can pull your eyes off this rather fantastic food porn shot, here is look inside Cabezon itself.

Maker’s Mark whisky ice cream profiteroles with chocolate sauce and candied hazelnuts
Maker’s Mark whiskey ice cream profiteroles with chocolate sauce and candied hazelnuts

Cabezon Bar & Dining Room Images

The bar itself is sturdy, gorgeous wood that keeps solo diners comfy and happy hour fans, well happy.

A Bar for Eating & Drinking
A Bar for Eating & Drinking

The main dining room is more casual, perfect for larger parties or families.

Casual Main Dining Room
Casual Main Dining Room

While the dining room behind the bar has a more formal, romantic feel.

Second Dinning Room
Second Dining Room

Seating details in the second dining room.

Above the bar and the formal dining tables are hand blown glass lamps that were custom-made for Cabezon.

Lamps Above the Bar
Lamps Above the Bar
Lighting In Formal Dining Space
Lighting In Formal Dining Space

Outside of this little guy, these are the only Seafood focused decor.

Cabezon in Cabezon
Cabezon in Cabezon

Enjoy! We certainly did. Which is why we’re including it in our Best of Portland Series. 

Dinner for Two
Dinner for Two

In our interview, we share what Cabezon Chef David Farrell has to say about the Portland food scene!

Cabezon Restaurant Reviews

Cabezon Portland Address

5200 Northeast Sacramento Street | Map
Portland, Oregon 97213

Best of Portland

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