Tasty n Sons Secret to Success

Since opening in 2010, Tasty n Sons has been a brunch-time favorite. So what’s their secret? Like a great riddle, the answer, is deceptively simple.

Brunch at Tasty n Sons
Brunch at Tasty n Sons

Tasty n Sons Success

Portland is known for a lot of things… including rain. Rain makes people want to stay in. Killer food, makes people want to go out. Killer comfort food, makes people go out, no matter the weather.

Tasty n Sons, has killer comfort food.

”A lot of this is comfort food that people find around the world. The Shakshuka, the pork stew, are really a home cooking kind of thing. I think people feel comfortable here without really realizing, this is the sort of thing they grew up eating anyway. So it feels familiar, without being able to pinpoint that right away. It’s all comfort food, but we just really try to take it to the next level.” — Chef Erin, Tasty n Son

Chef Erin
Chef Erin

Taking Comfort Food to the Next Level

While lots of brunch restaurants have french toast. Tasty n Sons soaks theirs in a Crème anglaise of melted vanilla ice cream before it’s fried up. That Shakshuka, Chef Erin mentioned, its Israeli comfort food. It’s also her favorite dish on the menu.

A stew of tomatoes with baked eggs and in Tasty’s case, fire roasted bell peppers. With the option of merguez sausage for the really hungry. Hearty, classic, comfort food.


How good is it?

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Mmmm… Shakshuka! Anyone else hearing Barry White in their head right now? Oh Baby.

Mmmmm Shakshuka
Mmmmm Shakshuka

Yesterday’s post went into details about what Alton Brown called “best chicken liver pate ever. Period.” It’s part of the Breakfast Board and it’s absolutely decadent, sinfully good. Comfort food, refined. It’s also another reason Tasty n Sons brunch is beloved in Portland.

“The food comes out in a way that everyone can try a little bit of everything. Our food gets shared, passed around. Which makes it more engaging a much more social experience, it’s not just about eating.”  — Chef Erin

Breakfast Board with Best Chicken Liver Pate Ever at Tasty n Sons
Breakfast Board with Best Chicken Liver Pate Ever at Tasty n Sons

For first timers, the Burmese Red Pork Stew is another tasty example, of Tasty n Sons unique take on comfort food.

“The Burmese Red Pork Stew is excellent! Short grain rice with pork belly and pork butt that we marinate in sesame oil, Calabrian chili oil and soy sauce. Then we sear it off and braise it in a chili garlic, ginger, caramel sauce. So it’s sweet, hot onxious, fatty… oh man it’s really delicious. It’s terrific.” — Chef Erin

Burmese Red Pork Stew
Burmese Red Pork Stew

What Draws Chefs to Portland

While we had Chef Erin we had to ask. As a Chef, why Portland?

“We live near the ocean so we get great seafood. We live in a wonderful valley, the Willamette Valley. Regional food is so close. Hood River valley with all the fruits, berries. Our families are farmers, so we have a connection. We can honor every ingredient and get it as fresh as we like.  In Oregon and Portland especially, there has always been a movement for respect for the ingredients and for the land. I feel the same way. I garden myself, last year I had 14 tomatoes plants. I like to create, learn how to grow things and know how to treat the land with respect. Cook the food with respect and Portlanders can taste it.” — Chef Erin

Menu Review with Chef Erin
Menu Review with Chef Erin

Chef Erin is an example of why native Portlanders are lucky when it comes to food.

“My Mom cooked steamer clams when we were babies, Dungeness crab, lots of seafood. She loved to cook and worshiped Julia Child. At six and eight, my Sister and I had rabbit, we knew it as chicken, we were so young! We tried Sushi.  Every Sunday we went to Fong Chong for dim sum. Of course Mom’s pot roast, good home cooking. Mom was adventurous and had us trying new things all the time, which I really appreciated because it set me up to be open.  — Chef Erin

Chef Erin
Chef Erin

Respectful preparation of regional, seasonal ingredients, is a big part of what Portlanders appreciate and experience at Tasty n Sons. Even the more adventurous, internationally inspired dishes all hit that comfort food note.

“Portland Chefs keep it simple, but do it right.” Tweet Chef Erin @TastynSons

Prep Done Right
Prep Done Right

Co-owner and Executive Chef John Gorham and Team Tasty, successfully and consistently deliver for Portland brunchers. The secret to Tasty n Sons success is not really a secret. Rather an approach of respect for technique, ingredients, culinary curiosity, family meals and team.

Tasty n Sons Brunch Team Led by Chef Erin
Tasty n Sons Brunch Team Led by Chef Erin

Tasty n Sons Photography Tour

Want to see more of Tasty n Sons? The desire to check out restaurant images before visiting is the exact reason, ALOR is creating photography sneak peeks for restaurants we recommend like Tasty n Sons. This tour focuses on both the restaurant and we warn you, the food which is truly as tasty as it looks!

Breakfast Board in all it's glory
Breakfast Board in all it’s glory

Recent Tasty n Sons Restaurant Reviews

Tasty n Sons Portland, Address

3808 N. Williams, Suite C | Map
Portland, Oregon 97227
(503) 621-1400

Tasty n Sons Hours

  • Open daily: Brunch: 9am to 2:30pm
  • Happy Hour in the Bar: 2:30pm to 5:00pm
  • Dinner: Sun-Thurs 5:00pm to 10:00pm Fri-Sat: 5:00pm to 11pm

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