Travel Tip Tuesday: Electrical Tape

What, I’m the only oddball traveling with a role of electrical tape? Say it ain’t so! Electrical tape is the duct tape of travelers. Cheap and endlessly useful, it’s one of those things you never knew you needed, until you have it.

Travel Tip Tuesday

Electrical tape has saved my sanity and my sleep many a night while traveling. Sound funny? Let me explain.

I positively can not sleep if there is red light, blue light or worse yet, blinking light in the room. Electrical tape is the quickest, easiest way to block out annoying lights on phones, cable boxes, converters even microwaves.

All the things one eliminates at home in the bedroom but has to live with in a hotel.

With a small piece of electrical tape, you can quickly cover those lights. In the morning, it’s easy to pull it off, no damage done.

What is Electrical Tape

So what is electrical tape exactly? Technically, it’s tape made and used to insulate electrical wires or other materials that conduct electricity. Electricians have an array in plastic and vinyl with color coding related to uses.

For travelers, vinyl electrical tape in classic black is indispensable. Bonus, it stretches!

Travel Uses for Electrical Tape

I’m not a big fan of buying anything with a single use, not even for travel. With that in mind, here are a ten electrical tape uses for travelers that make packing it worth your while.

  1. Stay Plugged In: A plug that keeps slipping out of the socket, is infuriating! Loop electrical tape under the cord, supporting the weight and tape it to the outlet plate. To be safe avoid the socket. Electrical tape can also provide trip protection in a pinch in public spaces. Say an airport where you get delayed for countless hours.
  2. Passport Protector: Keeping passports safe and out of sight is top priority for international travelers to adventurous locations. Electrical tape can keep a passport out of sight, inside a hotel safe (taped to the top.) Add an extra level of security against the inside pocket of a bag. Electrical tape peels off passport covers easily enough (just keep it off inside pages.)
  3. Flashlight Holder: Electrical tape works wonders for temporarily holding a flashlight in place. Good to know ahead of time for road warriors stranded, at night.
  4. Luggage Wrap: Because electrical tape stretches wrapping it around luggage a few times (making sure to overlap the tape on itself) works in a pitch when luggage zippers fail.
  5. Headphone & Charging Cable Repair: Traveling frequently means winding and unwinding cables daily. Electrical tape is a safe hack that lasts till you get where you’re going. A small patch can save your sanity on international flights.
  6. Temporary iPhone Case: Imagine if you will, your iPhone goes sailing towards the ground, smack! iPhone is fine, but that cheap case cracked or splintered, grab some electrical tape. No harm to iphone glass when used as a temporary solution.
  7. iPhone Mount: Who needs rental car GPS with an iPhone. There’s just that annoying, where to put the phone in sight, questions left. In a pinch for a long haul, use electrical tape to prop your phone into place.
  8. Shoe Repair: Although electrical tape can be counted on for long term use, it’s also great for temporary shoe repairs. Far better than looking at duct tape.
  9. Food Seal: Picnic on the go, so romantic! Couldn’t finish it all and too thrifty to pitch it? Me too. Electrical tape keeps food packaging closed.
  10. First Aid: Slings and bandaids to ankle wraps, hopefully these things are not needed. If they are, electrical tape is a lot less painful to pull off than duct tape. Just saying!
  11. Cinch in a Cinch: Forgot a belt or bought a new dress on a go that really needs a belt? No one will know your minimalistic belt is electrical tape, unless you tell them. Don’t tell them. Just cut two strips to length, sticky sides together and overlap one by an extra inch. Good to go!

When it comes to practical, real life needs on the road, electrical tape trumps duct tape in my book. Sure you can fix a hole in a boat, make a wallet or you know, patch duct work but there is no way I’m packing a giant heavy, sticky roll of duct tape in my carry on. Electrical tape is far smaller, lighter weight and I’d be willing to bet triggers concern from TSA.

From getting much needed shut eye to repairing clothing while traveling for months at a time. Electrical tape has helped this travel MacGyver her way out of countless pinches, sans bubble gum.

What are your thoughts?

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