Gratitude For All The Good Things This Year

Eight months ago we started and have since reached readers in 86 countries. Some places we’ve been like Myanmar. Many we haven’t like Kenya, Montenegro, Malta, Qatar, Brunei, Curaçao and more.

Looking back at our year with statistics might seem, emotionless.  It’s been anything but. Paolo and I feel tremendous gratitude. Blogging has connected us as Artists with like minded people all around the world.

Next week Paolo and I are unplugging for a vacation in Tuscany. Before we go, we wanted to share a couple inspirational stories of gratitude from our first year with ALOR.

Inspirational Stories of Gratitude

With about 150 posts, 2,281 people started following ALOR. Although most of our readers are in the United States and Italy (our home countries) our top ten list of readerships by country surprised us.

  1. United States
  2. Italy
  3. United Kingdom
  4. Canada
  5. India
  6. Germany
  7. Spain
  8. Thailand
  9. Australia
  10. Brazil

Here’s the humbling, humanity behind the facts. Many of the countries include places where we have friends. Advocates who shared our work.

Like India where a kind, compassionate, informed, global thinker named Prasanna Karmarkar shared many of our posts this year. I was fortunate enough to work with Prasanna a decade ago in New York City at Time Inc.

These days we are both self employed. People who work for themselves often lack a team. Yet a supportive entrepreneurial spirit can reach all the way from India to Portland. Each time Prasanna shared a post, it felt a giant “way to go!” from nearly 8,000 miles away.

What seems like a small act, sharing a post, has unpredictable, positive far reaching impacts. Thank you Prasanna for your supportive cheers in our first year.

Working with Inspiring People

This year all of our top ten most popular posts have at their core, been about inspiration. Inspiration to do what you love.

A few of the top ten were about our personal travel focused lifestyle. The majority however, were posts about inspiring entrepreneurs in Portland.

Part of preparing to bring ALOR Consulting to Portland has been interviewing people doing what they love. People with a devotion to their craft and team like Chef José Chesa. Or  Jeremy Turner who in the first year of production with Ancestry Brewing was voted the Best Brewery in Oregon.

We saw a theme in the hospitality industry of business owners taking care of their teams. An article we titled Recipe for a Happy Team that was called “inspirational” and “positive” by the many, many people who shared it on Facebook.

In short, what we saw this year, looking back at our stats, was that our readers and followers are looking for inspiration. Reasons to stay motivated to do what you love in life.

Thankfully, that’s exactly the type of storytelling we love.

Top 10 Blog Posts 2016

  1. Recipe for a Happy Team
  2. How we Afford 90 Days on the Road
  3. Photography Sneak Peek: Tasty n Sons
  4. Best of Portland Ancestry Brewing
  5. A Collection of Adorables David Hume Kennerly
  6. Holy Hushpuppies Now That’s a Happy Hour
  7. Pizzomunno The Mythical Legend of Vieste
  8. Gadgets Nomads Love
  9. Cross Country Coming Up!

Guest Blogging Forms Friendships

In addition to posting as frequently as we could on ALOR, we also worked with other sites on guest posts. Our first was with Veronika and Fabian the founders of The Elementarist, based in Germany.

Together we explored Freedom of Time and the connection between Travel and Minimalism. Veronika and Fabian also featured Paolo’s Art in the Elementarist’s first Micro Magazine. Which by the way, is pretty cool and definitely worth checking out if you’re curious about Minimalism. Next time Paolo and I are in Germany, we have friends to meet up with for a proper Prost!

Ricky and the Uncles worked with us to talk about the positive influence travel and getting out in nature can have on families. Guess who we’re hoping to catch up with next time we’re in San Francisco!

Then there is Vagabondway Tiff & Chris. A couple whose spirit we admire and identify with as a fellow nomadic couple. Since our guest posts on 5 Reasons We Love Road Tripping, Tiff and I have struck up a long distance pen pal friendship. I know if I send Tiff an email with a question or need motivation to keep writing, she’s there.

We’ve even recently worked with Ricard Torres the founder of Escaping to Freedom on a guest post about our own escape to freedom. Next time we’re in Spain, we know we have a new friend in Barcelona too.

Support of Family & Friends

Last by not least, closest to home and our hearts. Our family and friends have been a major source of inspiration for us this year.

Without the support of our family and friends, this year for ALOR would not have been possible. To our Moms and Dads in Italy and Ohio, Paolo and I are forever grateful. Both Paolo and I are your creative, artistic kids. Not the easiest for Parents. Yet here you all are supporting us and cheering us on. We are empowered by your love and support. We love you. Thank you.

Amber, our number one sharer and Sister to us both. There is no one else like you. Your warmth and enthusiasm is boundless and part of what keeps us going. You give so much to your family, your community through your volunteer work. A generous spirit we can all learn from. Plus, you know, Shawn and Brianna, we love those kids to the moon and back. They are our future.

Val and Ayaz, our spirit couple. You kept us from feeling isolated in a nomadic lifestyle this year. By being you, sharing the ups, downs and in-betweens with us, you’ve given us the chance to do the same. We love you two and are incredibly grateful for your friendship. We look forward to our first Laptop Happy Hour in 2017.

Peter, you crazy guy, we adore you. Your visit in Ohio was one of the highlights of our year. Keep doing what you love and riding through the rain. Keep sharing the way you see the world and your stylish journey as the coolest biker out there. 

Eric and Joann your work in and love for California is part of what inspires our move west from New York. You showed us the possibility of a beautiful life on the west coast and we just couldn’t shake it. We look forward to seeing you early next year on our third cross country trip!

We have received a tremendous outpouring of support from friends and family around the world via Facebook.With your comments, retweets, likes, loves and shares we end the year with over 125,000 impressions a month. Now that’s supporting the Arts. Thank you.

We couldn’t take off for vacation without letting you know that we truly appreciate you. For the year, we leave you with one of Paolo’s latest Artworks. Paolo created All the Good Things  based on a very romantic dinner in Peschici, Italy.

One that we’ll remember for the rest of our lives. One we’re happy to dedicate to you in thanks.

Brandy & Paolo

All the Good Things
All the Good Things

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