Art Inspired by Nantucket Caress

In the winter of 2012 Paolo and I took our first trip to Nantucket. To date, it’s the only spot we’ve vacation twice. Off season travel left empty beaches. Nature playing muse.

“I live my life, breathless… A life of constant motion and excitement. A life that many will envy and most would avoid!” — Eric Burdon, the Animals Frontman & Writer

Breathless by Paolo Ferraris
Breathless by Paolo Colors

Artwork Monday

This Artwork Monday takes us back to Siasconset and Madaket Beaches in Nantucket. It’s the off-season, a chill is in the air. Clad in Leather jackets and boots, Paolo and I take to the shore.

In Fall months, the beach transforms itself. Not through footprints but through waves that seem to follow no pattern. A stream emerges cutting into our return path.

Walking Nantucket
Walking Nantucket

Nantucket Inspired Art

Paolo captured Breathless and Caress while traveling in Nantucket between 2012 and 2013.

As introverts, we prefer off-season travel which affords as much time on the road as possible. The side bonus, empty beaches, all to ourselves, for sunset.

It is as romantic as it sounds.

On one of our walks on Madaket Beach, the sun had begun to set. As we strolled towards Smith Point, the shoreline slimmed.

Homes were raised on stilts. Waves threatened to sweep them off their feet. Over the years, storms have quickly eroded the beach. What once was surely a million dollar view, now stood an abandoned home.

Finding Inspiration

Here Paolo found inspiration. Struck by the idea that a life lived close to the edge, is at once full of beauty and loss. True adventure.

I asked Paolo, when he thinks back what he recalls.

“That time of year the light in Nantucket is beautiful. The ocean whiffs of adventure. ” — Paolo Ferraris, Artist

Caress by Paolo Ferraris Colors
Caress by Paolo Ferraris Colors

Both Breathless and Caress can be found in Paolo’s Seashores collection along with At the Center of the Universe which is how he makes me feel everyday.

At the Center of the Universe
At the Center of the Universe

Where to Stay in Nantucket

Just in case reading turns to travel inspiration here are two places we loved staying in Nantucket. Both affordable in the off-season.

Historic, Cozy Charm & Luxury Restoration

What are your thoughts?

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