Guest Post: 10 Reasons to Road Trip America

Behind Russia and Canada, America is geographically the third largest country in the world. 2,800 miles separate our east and west coast. Taking two road trips across this great country of ours, has given Paolo and I the opportunity to see America in a new light.

American Road Trip

In 2016, Paolo and I road tripped across Spain, Portugal, Switzerland, France, Italy and twice across America. Vagabondway recently gave us the opportunity to reflect back on these journeys through a guest post.

Only after we narrowed down our list for the guest post, did we realize our experience road tripping in both Europe and America in one year, gave us a unique perspective on road trips.

On the road in Spain
On the road in Spain

Classic American Road Trip

We didn’t just understand what it’s like to road trip across America. We also understand what’s unique about road tripping in America.

For example, in Spain driving the A7 from Barcelona to Valencia takes about three hours and 38.50€. Pretty hefty price to drive a highway. In Costa Rica roads on the map, are not guaranteed to be there when you are.

In other words, safe, wide open roads are one of the perks of road tripping in America.

“Each state has it’s own unique diversity in culture, food, climate and geography. Something all Americans can take pride in exploring.” ALOR

The Iowa of my Youth
The Iowa of my Youth

Roads across America are not only safe to drive and affordable but they also connect us to a vast network of national parks with abundant natural wonders and tremendous geographical and climate diversity. All of which can be accessed for $80 a year!

Mammoth Hot Springs Terraces
Mammoth Hot Springs Terraces
Grand Tetons National Park
Grand Tetons National Park
Sawtooth National Forest
Sawtooth National Forest
Devil's Orchard Nature Trail
Devil’s Orchard Nature Trail

Best Reasons to Road Trip in America

Thanks to Tiff & Chris, we had the opportunity to share our deep love and respect for the classic American road trip. You can read the full details of our Top 5 Reasons to Love Road Tripping in America on Vagabondway. If you guessed safe, affordable, wide open roads and national parks made our list, you’re right!

Here are five more reasons we love road tripping in America!

  1. Cheaper Gasoline: What American’s pay for a gallon of gas, Europeans pay for a liter. That’s almost four times more expensive. At $6 to $10 a gallon, road trips would be a thing of the past in America. All things considered road tripping in America if far more affordable than anywhere in Europe.
  2. Surprises Along the Way: As the American of the couple, I thought I knew my country. Still, during our cross country road trips, I was surprised by what I saw and not just by Yellowstone.  Take Craters of the Moon. I’d never heard about it until our road trip but I loved it. Plus have you seen Idaho? It should be called Idawow? Just saying. My own country surprised me on our road trips and that is reason enough to hit the road.
  3. Wifi Everywhere: While there are plenty of areas in America where cell signal is hit or miss, there are extremely few areas that are without Wifi at a hotel. Something you can not underestimate if you’re a nomad, working for yourself or even on a business trip. There are areas of the world that we have been to, like Burma and Cambodia even parts of Southern Italy where WiFi at the hotel is not something you can count on.
  4. Open Territory: Despite always being able to connect at a hotel, there are plenty of places in America where you can completely disconnect. Take Wyoming for example. The population is under 600,000 people. Here you can drive legally at 80 miles per hour and see no one. The best part, it’s not scary since that hotel ahead will have Wifi.
  5. American Spirit: Despite what the news depicts, Americans root for each other. Road tripping forces you to turn off the TV and talk to people all across America. Even if their lives are totally different, American’s are curious about each others success. The American dream and spirit is much easier to see, feel and understand on the road.
God Bless America by Paolo Ferraris Colors
God Bless America by Paolo Ferraris Colors

Travel Blogger Guest Post

It’s an honor to be asked to share a guest post. As travel bloggers, we can get wrapped up in our own experiences. By working with other writers, we get a better sense of what’s unique about our experiences. Which makes sharing them more valuable and useful for others.

By sharing our ideas with Tiff & Chris on Vagabondway, we hope we were able to bring value to the conversation with their readers.

For our part, we truly believe road tripping is one of the greatest ways to get to know America, or any country for that matter. We have a third American road trip in the works early this year and look forward to discovering even more of America soon.

Fun Is On The Road by Paolo Ferraris Colors (Texas)
Fun Is On The Road by Paolo Ferraris Colors (Texas)

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