Travel Tip Tuesday: Jump Start Your Own Car

In the evening, I get tired, forget to be a grown up and charge my phone. Consequently, my phone is always in the red.

Typically, my saving grace is charging my phone in my car. Great plan. Until the car battery is dead and I can’t call for help. #NoLandLine #NomadProblems

Travel Tip Tuesday

Jumping a car, was a bit of a scary proposition for me in the past. First, there is the part about asking a stranger “Hey I need a jump can you help?” Second, those cables with giant metal claws that you could hook up wrong, gulp.

Sure you can call AAA but remember that dead cell phone?

Thanks to Paolo preparing for our cross-country road trip, we now can say confidently, we’ve got a proven gadget that solves both problems.

Portable Car Jump Starter

Buying a used car is not the most glamorous experience. Especially when paying for a car in cash outright. One of the cars we wanted to test drive had a dead battery.

Without skipping a beat the salesman brought out a small portable car jumper and had us out driving in minutes. No AAA, no second car, no stringing cables engine to engine. Just a small charger about the size and weight of two iPhones, with two clamps and presto, we’re a go.

The irony of a used car salesman knowing how to move a car is not lost on me.

We didn’t buy that car.

What we did end up buying, when we got our car, was our own highly researched and now twice tested portable car battery jumper with USB ports for charging our cell phones. 

Jump Start Car & Phone
Jump Start Car & Phone

I say tested for two reasons.

First, while staying in an Airbnb in Portland, our neighbor was a kind single mother with two young boys. We’d often see them playing out front. That particular morning, her boys had left her headlights on overnight.

“Sorry, I know you’re on your way out, but my car is dead. Is there anyway you can help jump my car?”

YES! We got to test our portable car jumper without being stranded and it worked great!

It took only a few minutes to open our glove box, pop her hood and get her running again. She was relieved. We had not only saved her a hassle that morning, we had also shown her a not so scary way to jump her car, all by herself.

Pretty helpful for a single Mom who is always running after two young boys.

As nomads, helping a neighbor sure felt swell! Something we don’t get to do every day.

Portable Cell Phone Charger

The second reason, I say proven.

I really do forget to charge my cell phone. All the time. Paolo hates it, but he loves me. So he bought this portable car battery jumper with USB ports with me in mind.

During Paolo’s first outdoor arts festival, my cell phone predictable died. As a portable cell phone charger, it worked great as well. Good thing, since we were using our cell phones as credit card chargers to sell his art. Which sold! Yeah!!!

I want to lose myself in you by Paolo Ferraris Colors
I want to lose myself in you by Paolo Ferraris Colors

In short, for any road warrior or forgetful phone owner, this portable car jump starter with USB ports is a winner.

What you charge first is entirely up to you.

Join Us For More Travel Tips

As travelers in constant motion, we’ve learned to pack light, be prepared and on occasion MacGyver through things.

Travel Tip Tuesday is our way of sharing tricks we learned along the way, as quick tips.

Travel safe, fill your eyes and share your stories.

Meet Nantucket. Nanty for Short. Our inspiration behind this travel tip.
Meet Nantucket. Nanty for Short. Our inspiration behind this travel tip.

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