How to Properly Pronounce Otranto

I’m constantly calling my Italian Father-in-Law, the Pope. I don’t mean to, I try not to, yet it still happens. In Italian, placing emphasis on the right syllable makes a big difference.

Papà means Dad, while Papa means, The Pope.

Thankfully, there is a lot of love in Italian families. My embarrassingly constant mispronunciation are met with patience and on occasion, a good laugh.

How to Properly Pronounce Otranto

While traveling through Southern Italy, my darling, supportive and very patient Italian Husband Paolo, took me to Otranto, Italy. Oh my heart what a beautiful place.

Bay of Otranto, Italy
Bay of Otranto, Italy

A medieval city with a bay so blue, locals swim alongside ships. It was here, that I learned how to properly pronounce Otranto. Or well, tried.

Like learning how to properly pronounce Orecchiette in Puglia, the ping-pong of learning to properly pronounce Otranto commenced.

Me: “Otranto”

Paolo: “Otranto

Me: “Otranto”



I don’t know about you, but seeing the Italian pronunciation key for Otranto is of little help to me.



In the end, properly pronouncing Otranto is a matter of emphasis. There is a tiny space after the clearly pronounced initial O and a clear pronunciation on the ending — to.

It took just lunch along the Otranto Bay Promenade before I started googling Otranto Italy Real Estate. We may never be able to afford to live along such a beautiful shore as Otranto, but you never know. One day, we just make be lucky enough to dine with the Pope there.

I Call Him, The Pope
I Call Him, The Pope

What are your thoughts?

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