New Travel Apps!

Travel + Leisure put out it’s list of the 50 Best New Travel Apps in their February issue. I know right, happy travelers dance! As I started looking through the list, I was delighted and simultaneously deflated.

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Travel Tip Tuesday

New apps for booking, lodging, flying… so excited! I started pouring through, reading descriptions, starting downloads… lord help me. 50 Apps is far too many for me. I could have done with just one, one good new one.

Then I found it. The one app that promised to help with my least favorite thing about airports. Finding the best food. Yes, I know it says a lot about me as a traveler that I’m focused on food first.

So which app was it that grabbed my attention?

New Travel App

Anything that increases my chance of quickly finding the best food option available at the airport, well now, that grabs my attention.

Full Grab App store description

Grab a better airport experience by unlocking access to dining and retail along your path through the airport. Intuitive mapping with turn-by-turn directions and directories at over 40 US airports help travelers make intuitive decisions while they travel. Order on your phone, avoid the line at the airport and pickup at the Grab pickup on the way to your gate.

Note: Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.

That note about decreased battery life. I’m guessing it might have to do with the load times for downloading airport maps. Not great.

Still, Grab is a free App and the important part, as promised, was a list of what food options that await with gate location info.

You can bet I’m going to test out that ordering option. The minute I fly into an airport where mobile ordering is available, faster food is so happening. Promise to share notes as soon!

For now, I at least know what I’ll be doing the next time I’m taxing to the terminal. Planning my next meal. What doesn’t everyone?

Full list of Travel + Leisure 50 Best New Travel Apps

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