Finding Purpose

Courage to Change

Chris Rock had a rather genius time game skit. The first time, I heard it, I roared with laughter. For the unfamiliar, a video clip.

He knew the pain. I had hid in the bathroom at work before. Hating my job, cursing the stupid uniform. Bored out of my mind. I kept that job, just three days.

That was ages ago, yet the feeling of desperation, of being trapped, is not one I ever forgot.

Now, I refuse to stay in a situation that’s not right for me.

Consequently, handling change is comfortable, exciting, a strength.

There are plenty of us out there. People not content with discontent. We can appear to others at times as unfocused, all over the place, perhaps even weak, overly indulgent.

What we really are, is not afraid of change. One thing we never are, is bored.

My theory.

Fear of change leads to boredom and dissatisfaction.

Finding Purpose in Change

Today, in just under three hours, Paolo and I arrive at our new home. Our cross country road trip is coming to an end. We spent the morning jokingly chanting “sign the lease, sign the lease!”

Suddenly everything is new again. A different time zone, different weather patterns, new coffee shops… a new bed. Hopefully some new friends too.

Although, we still love and desperately miss our old friends. Big hugs New York, Ohio, California, Italy, Switzerland and Ireland peeps.

We’ve brought ourselves and our business ALOR Consulting to Portland. And yes, these nomads are actually signing a lease and setting up a home base.

This time though, unlike New York City, if we travel for three months, we won’t be throwing $15,000 into an empty apartment.

#RentIsTooDamnHigh that’s for our New York and San Fran friends.

Why Change Is A Good Thing

As creatives, we like change. It keeps us engaged, curious, challenged. Boredom has no entry in the dictionary of our life together.

Married, business partners and in our 40’s we still approach each day with the delighted, engaged enthusiasm of our twenties. Only a wee bit wiser and far more experienced.

Not fearing change is what enables us to live life fully, doing what we love.

Change is a good thing. Change is life.

  • Change teaches us how to handle new challenges.
  • Change helps us look at life with a fresh perspective.
  • Change keeps us engaged and curious.
  • Change challenges our assumptions and validates our ideas.
  • Change prevents us from going too far down the wrong path.
  • Change encourages us to dream bigger.
  • Change reminds us of our strength and vitality.
  • Change facilitates truth and demands honesty.
  • Change is the excitement in the second before you jump.
  • Change kicks boredom in the butt.

Sure change might at times be ravenously painful but it’s also freeing, cleansing and enlightening. It is also inevitable, change will come. Getting comfortable with it, embracing it, empowers us to harness it.

We’re expecting good things from 2017. We’ve done the best we can to prepare for this new phase of our lives. Although there are no gaurentees, we are not worried.


Because we know, we have the strength to make changes if we need to.

Wish us luck!

What are your thoughts?

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