Art Inspired by New York City The Grieving Castle

Artists struggle. It’s part of what compels them. Part of what makes them feel so deeply. Reach so deeply, to share their thoughts and feelings. To be understood.

At age 11, Paolo’s vision began to shift rapidly. Every six months he needed new glasses. He and his parents began to worry. For seven years,  his world blurred. By 18, mercifully, the changes stopped.

As an artist, he still grasps color, with fighting hands.

“If colors started to disappear from my sight, I would grasp at the blues. Blue is what I see when I look past the appearance of the world. It covers the whole spectrum, from abysmal darkness to pure lighthearted brightness. It’s the wingspan between black and white. There’s always a shade of blue in synch with my mood. Blue is man’s best friend. — Paolo Ferraris, Artist”

Artwork Monday

For the first few years of our relationship, I wondered, what Paolo sees without his glasses. After seeing Crimson Lawn  from Paolo’s “Still Movements” collection, I understood.

This is the way he sees the world. Soft.

Crimson Lawn by Paolo Ferraris Colors
Crimson Lawn by Paolo Ferraris Colors

Finding Inspiration

“I have been very short-sighted since my teen years. When I wake up in the morning or when my eyes tire after hours in front of my monitor, I take my glasses off and simply look at the world. The world my eyes see, my reality, is not sharp and will never be. Without the glasses, blur is my kingdom and let me tell you something: it’s a beautiful world, much better than the focused version. Boundaries cease to be strict, colors mellow and mingle, far away becomes a land of fantasy and imagination. — Paolo Ferraris, Artist.”

Paolo sees two worlds. One of sharp contrast, a 20/20 world. Then, his world. The one more natural to him, one that only he can see, until he shares his work.

New York Inspired Art

Much of Paolo’s “Still Movements” collection is focuses on the two homes in Paolo’s heart. Italy and New York.

The Grieving Castle by Paolo Ferraris
The Grieving Castle by Paolo Ferraris

“My body of work called “Still Movements” derives from this necessity of mine to capture in a frame this deep, augmented reality, what my soul truly sees instead of the superficial first layer our eyes scan every second of the day.

The starting point in “Still Movements” is always something easily recognizable by our cognitive memory: a landscape, a person, a flower, the ocean, a city. Subsequently the object, the person or the view is filtered by my inner lens, morphed by creative use of long exposures (motion blur) and the bokeh (focus blur), the unique and marvelous quality of out of focus areas of the image, where colors get cozy and talk to each other without prejudice. Colors in the original image captured by the camera are subdued, enhanced or swapped, according to my mood and reminiscence of the moment. — Paolo Ferraris, Artist”

As this Artwork Monday falls just before Valentines day, I would like to thank Paolo, the love of my life, for turning his eyes, in soft focus on me with love.

Happy Valentines Day

Merry Cherry by Paolo Ferraris Colors
Merry Cherry by Paolo Ferraris Colors

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