Art Inspired by California I Want to Lose Myself in You

Happy Presidents Day! Or shall we say, happy Not My Presidents Day? Either way, if you’re looking for a beautiful escape from it all, even for just a few minutes, we’d like to invite you to our house! Wait what?

“Art is the only way to run away without leaving home. — Twyla Tharp”

Artwork Monday

Typically on Artwork Monday, we take our readers somewhere beautiful and inspiring. Exploring the travel inspiration behind Paolo’s art.

Today, we’re looking inside. Inside our new home. ALOR followers might find this as shocking as our friends have. These artistic, introverted nomads have signed a lease.

So come on in! Get a glimpse at the pieces of Paolo’s Art that grace our own walls.

Importance of Art in Life

Eleven days ago we moved in. Now, all the boxes are out and Paolo’s art is on the wall. Art is what makes a house a home.

Art is where you pour your heart into a home. It says more about you than anything else between four walls because art is deeply personal. Art holds the power to delight and sooth your soul.

From the moment our front door opens, I Want to Lose Myself In You is our guests greeting.

Since the second I lay eyes on this work of Paolo’s, I have been enraptured by the colors. I can think of no better welcome then an endless horizon blazing at sunset.

Captured at Half Moon Bay, California. I Want to Lose Myself in You, is the signature piece of Paolo’s “Still Movements” collection and our home.

Italian Art

In our hearts, there are two homes. America and Italy. Since our new home is in America, much of the artwork needed to be from Italy. Above our dinning table Opportunities from Cinque Terre, Italy.  

Opportunities by Paolo Ferraris Colors
Opportunities by Paolo Ferraris Colors

Above our bed, Laguna Aperitif  from Venice, Italy.

Laguna Aperitif by Paolo Ferrais
Laguna Aperitif by Paolo Ferrais

Combined, there are no two places filled with more passion and conversation than these spaces of a home.

In all, we have 13 pieces of Paolo’s art gracing the walls of our home. Each piece, taking us back to travel. Places, memories that live in our hearts.

Perhaps none so poignant for me as Lava.

Lava by Paolo Ferraris
Lava by Paolo Ferraris

Also in our bedroom, Lava is the first thing I see in the morning and the last at night. Paolo captured Lava in Montezuma, Costa Rica. This is the exact spot where I decided, there was no turning back for us in life.

For privacy reasons, Paolo and I will keep photos of our home itself, just that. Private. I know, I know, not exactly the grand tour.

What I will share, is the reason we chose this home. Our morning view.

Sunrise View for ALOR
Sunrise View for ALOR

When we decided to leave New York City and live on the road for a year as nomads, we did not know exactly how things would turn out. Last year was full of adventure, travel and learning. About ourselves as a couple, artists and individuals.

This year, we start our mornings with nature as our muse. We start each day knowing, although our current home is beautiful, comfortable even cozy, there is a world to explore out there and this, is just our beginning.

What are your thoughts?

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