Travel and Privilege: Why I Won’t Post the Facebook Travel Challenge

Will you be participating in the Travel Facebook Challenge? Why or why not? We posed this question on a previous post further asking:

Are travel bucket lists and challenge games only fun for the privileged?

Travel Bucket List ALOR
Travel Bucket List ALOR

This question has been percolating for a while. As a travel writer, my pause had always been how to tackle the subject of privilege with respect for the community ALOR belongs to. Travelers.

Travel is a privilege. As a travel writer, at times I question if writing, blogging and posting about it on Facebook is like rubbing salt in the wounds to those who can not afford to travel.

A new Travel Challenge which is catching fire on Facebook provided good framework to raise the question and hopefully start a discussion.

We are honored that Alex from took the questions and gave them some thought.

Her ability to further the disparity awareness, connecting travel and education made the discussion far more profound.

Utilizing WordPress reblog to connect the discussions and encourage travel bloggers and travel writers to weigh in.

The Wayfaring Voyager

Travel Privilege Facebook

Recently, I read a great post from ALOR about the new Facebook travel challenge. This post lists a number of different places around the world alphabetically, and a little bit randomly to know that travelers haven’t concentrated on one area of the globe and have been perceived as “well-traveled.” What I loved about ALOR’s post was the fact they brought up a topic I’ve long wanted to address on this blog—privilege and travel. It’s a tricky subject, and I’ve kind of touched on it in my post on why voluntourism sometimes bothers me, but I feel it’s something we can always be reminded of when we decide to leave our homes.

Let’s just start with this: I am a very privileged individual. I am young, white (embarrassingly so thanks to my Irish ancestry), can afford this nomadic lifestyle that I live, and carry a passport from the United States of…

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What are your thoughts?

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