Impact of Storytelling & Content Marketing Strategy

Paolo and I are both students of cinema. Only while I studied production at The Ohio State University, Paolo studied cinematography in Rome. A far more romantic story in my mind.

When we decided to start ALOR Consulting, our content marketing agency, we did so on a shared love of storytelling through a cinematic lens. Thus our mantra Create Outside the Middle. 

Impact Of Storytelling

Think of the most memorable scenes in cinematic history. The sweeping Technicolor vistas in Gone With the Wind. The all-encompassing landscapes of A River Runs Through It.  Contrast those with the details of a close-up. A knife in Psycho. Greta Garbo staring into the future at the end of Queen Christina.  

In life, people gravitate to details and revel in grandeur. The opportunity to relate lies in these extremes.

Content Marketing Agency in Portland

This is our vision for ALOR Consulting. We Create Outside the Middle by focusing on the most compelling, relatable and inspiring elements of a story. We find what sets our clients apart and share their unique truth.

What sets us apart, is our ability to combine Paolo’s emotive photography with content marketing strategy. An expertise I honed over the past twenty years while creating audience engagement strategies, products and content for brands like InStyle, HBO, Food Network and Discovery.

We are dedicated to helping entrepreneurs tell their story strategically. Understanding how, when and where to share a story, is the key to connecting, engaging and growing a customer base.

Strategic storytelling drives brand discovery, curiosity, and trust, creating customer loyalty. Which ultimately, grows revenue.

Hand-Crafted in Portland Photography Series

Our Hand-Crafted in Portland photography series is dedicated to Portland entrepreneurs and their teams. The people whose stories grabbed us from day one. The craftsmen and craftswomen of Portland. Passionately pursuing a life dedicated to doing what they love.

Their stories are part of what brought us to Portland. What convinced us, this was the right place to flex our own entrepreneurial muscles. To do what we love for a living. To tell stories of passion, excellence, and dedication. To tell stories that inspire.

To help fellow entrepreneurs grow their businesses.

Join us Thursday, June 1st on Instagram at #CraftedPDX for our 11 part photography series focusing on the hands and hearts of Portland.

Bret Hodgert, Owner of Old Portland Hardware & Architectural
Bret Hodgert, Owner of Old Portland Hardware & Architectural

Let’s tell your story.

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