Music Icon Dr. John Leaves the World his Music

Dr. John left the world his music.

This morning when we heard the news, Paolo told me the story of photographing Dr. John. Paolo said “During the show I got too close, you know, I was leaning on his piano. He looked at me and I thought ‘uh oh’ then he just smiled.” Paolo was smiling deeply at the memory. I asked him to find his photos. When I saw them, I wanted to share them because they show a man doing what he loves.

Photos of Dr. John by Paolo Ferraris

Photography tribute to those who leave memories that smile & music to remember.

Dr John
Dr John
Dr John Musical Hands at Play
Dr John Hands at Play
Dr John Gris Gris
Dr John Gris Gris
Dr John's Band
Dr John’s Band
Dr John's & Band
Dr John’s & Band
Dr John's Shoes
Dr John’s Shoes
Dr John in recent years
Dr John in recent years
Dr John Playing Guitar
Dr John Playing Guitar
Dr John In Concert
Dr John in Concert
Dr John Adored
Dr John Adored
RIP Dr John
RIP Dr John

NPR Remembrance of Dr. John

I recommend listening to NPR’s tribute to with a Dr. John interview from 2000 because it takes you behind some of the famous lines in Dr. John’s music like

“I been in the right place, but it must have been the wrong time. I’d have said the right thing, but I must have used the wrong line.”

Paolo recommends reading the New York Times article that posted today as a tribute to Dr. John because it contains particularly moving insight into Dr. John’s youth.

“He immersed himself in the sounds of New Orleans at a young age, first through the city’s radio stations and then by following his father to nightclubs, where Malcolm Sr. would repair P.A. systems while young Mac peered through the window, watching musicians like Professor Longhair rehearse.

Mr. Rebennack, a virtuoso on piano and guitar, was tutored by Walter (Papoose) Nelson, who played guitar with Fats Domino. “In the days when it was very difficult for a black guy and a white guy to socialize, for a black guy to give a white guy guitar lessons” was “beyond beautiful,” Mr. Rebennack later recalled.

He started playing in clubs and on recording sessions as a teenager and dropped out of high school to pursue music full time.” — Gavin Edwards, The New York Times

New York Times Tribute to Dr. John

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