The Most Beautiful Beaches in the World?

In my 8th day of quarantine, I came up with a project to lift my spirits. Create a post sharing the most beautiful beaches Paolo and I have seen around the world. That post is in the works and thanks to Paolo’s photography, it’s going to be epic! Think you can guess what beaches will be on the list? Care to share your favorites instead? Comments below for a shout out in the final post. Fellow bloggers don’t be shy. Drop a link in the comments below or send them to I’d love to include a link to your post on my final list. The way I see it, the more beauty we share from around the world right now, the more spirits we can lift while dealing with COVID-19.

What Makes a Beach Beautiful?

As I work my way through photos of all the beautiful beaches I’ve seen, I started to wonder. What makes a beach beautiful? Is something you can see and touch like the water, the sand. Something you can hear like the waves or waterfalls? Something you can connect to like the energy or vibrancy in a city beach? If it’s crowded or empty? If it’s a lake or an ocean beach? Isn’t really just subjective anyway?

In the end, I’ve decided my list will have categories. The vibrancy of a city beach vs the seclusion of an off-season Caribbean beach are incomparable. So I’m not even going to try. If a beach brought me great joy, allowed me to relax or stunned me with it’s beauty it’s on the list. You can expect to see volcanic rocky shorelines and white sandy beaches and crystal clear waters. What you won’t see is too many crowds or bikinis. Paolo and I are both introverts. So our favorites are beaches just as beautiful in the off-season as they are in the height of summer.

Not to spoil anything, but for fun I’ve included a few photos below of beaches that have already made my list. Can you guess where these beaches are?

Between the color of the water and the al fresco dining scene can you guess what city beach this might be?

The final post will have a view of the beach itself but this photo gives a good hint. It’s from our room overlooking the coast.

This one has golden sand. If you caught my last post on Iceland, you’ll know what beach this is!

Then there is this one. This beach that inspired this project has the clearest turquoise waters I’ve ever seen. Water so pure and beautiful it felt like I’d waited my whole life to see it. We’d taken a boat tour in the off-season and been told the water was too cold for the locals to dive in. When I saw it, frankly I didn’t care. I refused to miss a chance to swim in water like this. Turning my scarf into a sarong I ditched my jeans and went in! Any guesses where this might be?

More to come soon! Till then, feel free to share your favorite beaches in the comments below and I’ll include yours in a shout out in the final post. For now, thanks for reading. My spirits are lifted already and I hope yours are too.


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