Italy Pic of the Day | Pitigliano

See Beautiful Pictures of Pitigliano, Italy that show why Pitigliano was recently named one of the 19 most beautiful villages in Italy.

Welcome to my very first Italy Pic of the Day! After moving to Italy in 2020, Italy has become my everyday so, everyday I’ll be sharing a little slice of what I love about my new country. This week, I’ll be focusing on Pitigliano! Easily one of my favorite non-touristy towns in Tuscany and apparently one of Lori Zainos as well. She recently named Pitigliano along with Vieste, Amalfi and Alberobello as one of the 19 most beautiful villages in Italy.

Known as Italy’s “Little Jerusalem,” Pitigliano rises out of volcanic rock, a village founded by the Etruscans that once had a thriving Jewish community. A walk through the Jewish quarter is a must, as well as a trip to the Orsini Palace and Museum.

Lori Zaino for The Points Guy

Photo of Pitigliano, Italy

Italy Pic of the Day Pitigliano
Italy Pic of the Day Pitigliano

Loveliest Non-Touristy Town in Tuscany | Pitigliano

I wholeheartedly cheer Pitigliano’s inclusion in the list of Italy’s most beautiful villages because, it’s one of the least touristy villages on the list. Pitigliano is also one of the architecturally most stunning towns in southern Tuscany.

Driving into town, Pitigliano rises out of the side of a tuff spur. Like Sovana and Sorano, Pitigliano is a city carved out of Tufaceous or “Tuff” rock (volcanic rock). Collectively these cities are known as Città del Tufo (Cities of Tufo).

If you take a closer look at our Italy Pic of the Day from Pitigliano (zoomed in on below) you see some of the cave carvings Etruscans once called home. Look towards the bottom of the city at the ridge line.

Italy Pic of the Day Pitigliano Landscape
Etruscan homes carved into the side of Pitigliano tuff spur.

Why Pitigliano, Italy Makes for Beautiful Pictures

Pitigliano dates back to 1636. Which means the centro (city center) streets are too small for modern cars. Which just leaves, people, cats and Apes and a lot of decedent silence to wander through. It’s a lot of fun to wander and photograph a city that feels like you have it to yourself!

Italy Pic of the Day Pitigliano Ape
Ape Zipping Around Narrow Corner Streets in Pitigliano, Italy

While looking through Paolo’s collection of photos of Pitigliano, I came across the one below showing why sunset photos of Pitigliano are so beautiful. It’s all about the Tuff!

Italy Pic of the Day Pitigliano Tufa Rock
Close up of Tufo Rock Pitigliano was carved from.

Tuff rock is formed from volcanic ash that has cooled and compacts into solid rock. Soft enough to carve, solid enough to construct it has a natural yellowish glow and porous surface. Perfect for reflecting the setting sun during magic hour, which you can catch tomorrow in our Italy Pic of the Day post!

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    1. Thank you Maggie! More coming up. Going to see how folks like this format. Italy is endlessly beautiful and it’s such a joy to live and explore here, I’m hoping shorter posts are more fun for my friends here on ALOR. Have you tried long vs short posts on your blog and found a difference over time?

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      1. When we travel the posts tend to be longer otherwise we get so far behind. When we’re home I try to make them shorter, but this next one will be long again. I did get one complaint about a long post, but otherwise I don’t see much difference. My family complains that there are too many! but I only post once a week. It’s difficult to tell since views are increasing but so are our followers. Let me know what you find.


        1. I’m so sorry. My family is back in America and it’s mentally challenging to wrap my brain around what happening right now. I’ve lived away from my parents for 20 years and returned frequently for holidays and unexpected surprise trips but right now it’s scary even with dual citizenship. I hope for everyone’s sake that travel can feel safe again soon. I hope these Italy Pic of the day posts feel like a quick chance to get away during the everyday.


          1. Oh yes.. I am trying to be positive as much as possible.. M thankful that just before the lockdown happened, my parents came to my place.. So its a blessing in disguise to have them here from the past 6 months…


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