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Italy Pic of the Day | Pitigliano Fountain Head

Pitigliano was recently named one of the 19 most beautiful villages in Italy! See the most beautiful non-touristy town in Tuscany. Photos of Pitigliano, Italy.

I’ve been known to giggle when I hear “It lacks that Italian charm I was hoping for” from yet another person on House Hunter International. After traveling through Italy for the last nine years, eventually moving to Italy and now gearing up to tackle a home renovation in Italy, I had to stop and laugh at myself. I caught myself thinking “how to I get some Italian charm in this place?” Turns out, it’s harder than you’d think.

I’m not ready to spoil the fun just yet and say where we have decided to live in Italy, but I will say this. Our home is a condo building from the early 70’s. The only charm it has aside from location and view is the floral curtains and brown silk wallpaper lovingly hung forty years ago.

I’m dying to hunt down details like this fountainhead that I saw on the Medici Aqueduct in Pitigliano. Maybe it can help get some Italian charm into our new home? Can’t you just see this as a garden spigot?

Pitigliano, Italy Photography

Italy Pic of the Day Pitigliano Medici Aqueduct Fountain Head
Pitigliano Medici Aqueduct Fountain Head

No? Of course, sadly our apartments doesn’t come with a private garden. I’m not so sure I could look at this face while filing up my pasta pot. Making pasta is a happy thing, this face isn’t. Bidet spout? Nah… . Horrible idea right?

In all seriousness, if you dream of one day moving to Italy, buying and renovating a home here, stick around, things are about to get interesting!


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