Italy Pic of the Day | Pitigliano Sunset

Pitigliano was recently named one of the 19 most beautiful villages in Italy! See the most beautiful non-touristy town in Tuscany. Photos of Pitigliano, Italy.

This is life as it really is in Italy. The old world juxtaposed with the new. Italy respects age, embraces patina. Moss grows where it grows. It’s not power washed away. Soft textures glint golden at sunset.

Pitigliano, Italy at Sunset Photo

Italy Pic of the Day Pitigliano Sunset
The view from Pitigliano at Sunset.

There are moments when I feel there are sides of Italy only revealed to people who live here. Italy has secret hidden gems best seen when there is no rush. No other place to be. This is the side of Italy few tourists have the time to simply, see.

Pitigliano to Florence & Pitigliano to Rome

Pitigliano is just far enough off the beaten path it remains a bit of hidden gem. Pitigliano is not overrun with tourists partly because it’s not easily accessible without a car. Getting to Pitigliano from Florence takes two and a half hours by car, five hours by train. Getting to Pitigliano from Rome takes two hour by car and an inexplicable six hours by train.

Parking in Pitigliano is minimal and most outside the city center (centro). Plus, exploring Pitigliano and catching the best views means tackling a few flights of slightly daunting stairs.

Typical stairs in Pitigliano

For Italian villages, there is no correlation between beauty and number of tourists who get to see it. If anything there is a correlation of opposition. The more beautiful a little village in Italy is, the less tourists get to see it.

If you’re curious how people get around inside small towns in Italy, tune in tomorrow for our Italy Pic of the Day which features one of the most iconic features ubiquitous to all small Italian villages!

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