Italy Pic of the Day | Verona | Porta Borsari

Verona is a modern-day Italian fairytale city. This week, we honor fair Verona with images taken just weeks before a disastrous hail storm flooded the city.

While Shakespeare originally turned heads to Verona with ‘Romeo and Juliet’ more recently, the world took note as ten feet of flood waters rushed through the fair city following a disastrous hail storm.

Friends, family and followers who caught the news reached out asking “isn’t there were you just were?” Yes, Paolo and I had our first trip through Veneto’s wine country, including a few days in Verona just before the storm hit. To see Paolo’s photos of our trip to Verona side by side with the news footage, brings home how dramatic this storm was.

Verona, Italy Hail Storm Video & Photo

Dramatic hailstorm floods Verona, Italy

Verona After the Storm

The hail storm and floods caused millions of euros worth of damage, mainly to agriculture areas in the region. Although a state of emergency was declared, thankfully, no lives were lost. As a dual American Italian citizen, it warmed my heart to see US Army soldiers helped in the clean up efforts after the storm in Verona.

Today’s pic of the day is in honor of Verona, a heartbreakingly romantic city and the Italian people who have proved time and time again, that together, they can weather any storm. Be it natural disasters, war, or COVID.

Porta Borsari Verona

Just past Ponte della Vittoria (Vittoria Bridge) Porta dei Borsari is an ancient white limestone Roman gate that dates back to the 1st century AD. It originally served as a regal main entrance to Verona. Where once an inner courtyard sat, now sits a line of bistro tables full of Italians sharing a cappuccino in the morning shade.

Italy Pic of the Day Verona Porta Borsari
Porta Borsari Verona a week before the hailstorm hit.

I’ve been looking forward to sharing Paolo’s photos from our recent trip through the Veneto wine country and more specifically Verona because it’s such a beautiful region. Over the last ten years we’ve traveled extensively together throughout Italy and we both agreed. The Veneto region of Italy deserves it’s due as one of the most beautiful and tasty wine regions in all of Italy.

Verona itself is a romantic city full of curved streets that wind gracefully around piazzas, bridges and ancient ruins. This week our Italy Pic of the Day posts will focus on Verona including Venetian Gothic architecture, stunning frescos and ancient ruins. After that, we’re headed to Veneto wine country! I hope you’ll join me as I share quick posts and Paolo’s photography from Veneto.

For my wine loving friends, please think about picking up a bottle of Amarone della Valpolicella. This wine is among the best from Italy, and comes directly from the region impacted by the storm.

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