Italy Pic of the Day | Verona | Is Romeo Home?

Images from the Veneto region of Italy including fair Verona, modern-day Romeo young & old + Venetian Gothic architecture.

Today’s Italy Pic of the Day, is of a young man opening a window blind in Verona. Is that you Romeo? Hiding from the harsh daylight through yonder window breaks?

Italy Pic of the Day Verona Romeo in Window
Romeo in Verona Window

Photo of the Day Romeo in Verona, Italy

Paolo captured this spur of the moment photo in Verona. Paolo had just focused on the window’s arches when the blind opened unexpectedly, and there was our Romeo. Or at least a young man bearing a striking resemblance to the actor who played Romeo in Franco Zeffirelli’s ‘Romeo and Juliet’.

Exploring Verona gave me flashbacks of our trip to Venice. Minus the gondolas of course. The Ogee arches seen in today’s Italy Pic of the Day are a defining characteristic of Venetian Gothic architecture.

Venetian Gothic Architecture Characteristics

The ogee arch is an an arch with two ogee (s-shaped) curves meeting at the apex. Even to the untrained eye (like mine) these peaked arches are quickly identifiable as iconically Venetian. Turns out, Venice is not the only city in Italy to have Venetian Gothic architecture. Who knew?!

This is something I didn’t realize until exploring the Veneto region. I spotted influences of Venetian architecture in Verona, Soave and even Feltre. Being a curious person, I did a little researched after our trip. Here’s what I discovered, in brief.

Venetian Gothic is a variant of Italian Gothic. Venetian Gothic is unique thanks to Byzantine and Islamic architectural influences from trading routes to the east. While pointed arches are the most important aspect of Venetian Gothic architecture, bold colors and graceful structures that appear light are also unifying characteristics.

Here are a few more examples I spotted throughout the Veneto region.

Italy Pic of the Day Soave
Venetian Gothic as seen in Soave, Italy
Italy Pic of the Day Feltre
Venetian Gothic As Seen in Feltre, Italy
Italy Pic of the Day Verona Venetian Gothic Architecture
Bold Colors of Venetian Gothic in Verona, Italy

Verona has elements of Venetian Gothic throughout the city, seen most easily by looking up! Tomorrow’s Italy Pic of the Day highlights another lofty iconic symbol of the Venetian Republic. Plus coming up, I’ll share another charming Italian city that could easily be mistaken for Venice. Any guesses? Share them in the comments below!

Before we go, back to Romeo.

What might have been, had poison been not your end?

Italy Pic of the Day Verona Old Man Window
Romeo in his Older Years. Verona, Italy.

Join me tomorrow for a special post! Hint, I’m one in Italian Years. Then Thursday I’m sharing my interview with a Canadian expat named Amanda about life in Milan, how she found work in Italy, and the pros and cons of life as an expat in Italy. Friday I’ll pick back up with Verona and another Italy Pic of the Day!

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