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Italy Pic of the Day | Verona | Pigeons on Scaliger Bridge

Verona is a modern-day Italian fairytale city. This week, we honor fair Verona with images taken just weeks before a disastrous hail storm flooded the city.

I wonder if pigeons ever think about jumping? I swear that’s the first thought I had when I saw this photo! Is it just me or does one of these little guys look like he’s had a rough year? Frankly 2020 has been a horrible year for countless reasons for so many of us. So for this Italy Pic of the Day, I’m cheering things up with a few pigeon jokes. Hopefully the jokes below make someone laugh. I do hope it’s you!

Pigeon Jokes

Italy Pic of the Day Verona Scaliger Bridge
Scaliger Bridge in Verona

If pigeons try to take over as the American bird, would it be an attempted coo?

Pigeons are doves that never get invited to weddings.

What do Pigeons and politics have in common? Both have right and left wings.

What do you call stoned Pigeon poetry? high-coo.

What can a Pigeon do with his pecker that a man can’t? Eat with it.

Don’t worry, that’s the last time I’ll talk birdy to you on this post!

Got a Pigeon pun that won’t fly right over my head? Caption this photo in the comments below and help a fellow human in need of a giggle. We all need it these days.

Happy Friday my friend. Hugs, Brandy

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