Italy Pic of the Day | Ponte Della Vittoria Naked Controversy

Today's Italy Pic of the Day is of a heroic statue on Ponte della Vittoria (Bridge of Victory) in Verona. See why it caused a stir back in the day.

Happy Friday! Just like last Friday’s Pic of the Day Pigeon Jokes, I’m keeping things short & fun to send us both into the weekend with a smile.

Take a peek at the heroic statue Paolo photographed on Ponte della Vittoria (Bridge of Victory) in Verona, Italy below. Any guesses as to why it would cause a stir back in the day?

Italy Pic of the Day Ponte della Vittoria Naked Heroes
Italy Pic of the Day Ponte della Vittoria Naked Heroes

Ponte Della Vittoria Statues, Verona

Running through the heart of fair Verona, is river Adige. Seven bridges connect the two banks of the city. Ponte della Vittoria is one. Built in 1931, it was named after Verona’s fallen soldiers from the first world war. Four bronze statues known as the “allegory of the victory” were added to Ponte della Vittoria in 1936.

Unfortunately, Verona saw more than one war. As World War II made it’s way to Italy, the four statues were removed and sheltered in an attempt to save them. It’s a good thing too! Despite negotiations to protect monuments and bridges, retreating German soldiers blew up all the bridges of Verona, including Ponte della Vittoria on April 25, 1945.

Now, you would think, statues named for victory in the first world war, having survived the second world war would be put back in proud tradition immediately after the bridge was rebuilt, but no! Apparently, Christian Democrat Mayor Uberti felt the anatomy of the horses could produce “disturbances in the little ones.”

This is the part of the story that made me laugh. It wasn’t the nude heroes, but the nude horses that caused a stir!

In the end, the statues were victorious and added back before the second inauguration of Ponte della Vittoria on May 24, 1955. With that I say, alway bet on a horse named victory.

If this is your first visit to, welcome! My name is Brandy Shearer and I’d just like to say thanks for joining me in Italy.

Italy Pic of the Day Ponte della Vittoria Brandy Shearer
Brandy Shearer on Ponte della Vittoria in August 2020.

The stories you’ll find on ALOR are that of an American expat. I’m living out my dreams after getting dual citizenship in 2019 and moving to Italy in 2020. If you’re curious about what living in Italy is really like, or what it took for us to get here, feel free to drop me a line at or in the comments below.

Next week’s Italy Pic of the Day will take us inside the churches of Verona and then… we’ll jump outside to the Veneto wine country. I can’t wait to show you more of this majestic part of Italy!

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  1. Hey loved the article about the aunt living alone but you might want to omit the village name. “Old lady living alone” feels vulnerable for bad people to me.

    It makes me want to get our citizenship and move there!! Beautiful!!!




    1. Thanks for reading Kat. A good part of Italy being elderly means there are a lot of elderly people living alone in every town and village in Italy. Sort of the scary truth for Italy these days.


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