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Eight-foot grapevines in Valdobbiadene a Veneto Prosecco region & UNESCO World Heritage Site. Beautiful Photos of Italy Daily on ALOR | Italy Pic of the Day
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One of the pictures I shared in yesterday’s Italy Pic of the Day, was of me looking up at grape vines in Valdobbiadene, Italy. I love it because it reminds me of walking through a tunnel of grape vines at Osteria Senz’Oste before catching sight of this view.

Italy Pic of the Day Prosecco Vineyard View
Prosecco Vineyard View

I’m sure my fellow wine lovers would love walking under a tunnel of plump grapes right before Prosecco harvest too. Which is why today’s Italy Pic of the Day, is that exact view I saw, looking up!

Italy Pic of the Day, Prosecco Grapes

Italy Pic of the Day Prosecco Vines
View from Under Six-Foot Prosecco Vines in Valdobbiadene, Italy

Talk about a wine lovers dream come true! Can’t you just imagine how much cooler it feels in the shade of dense grape vines? They make taking in the view of UNESCO World Heritage Conegliano Valdobbiadene endlessly enjoyable.

Fun Facts About Prosecco

Just for the fun of it, how about a few fun facts about Prosecco! Did you know…

Join me tomorrow for my final Italy Pic of the Day from Valdobbiadene and a close up of the grapes used to make Prosecco. Plus, a little good natured Champagne vs Prosecco comparison.

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