Lockdowns in Italy

Today is the first day of more lockdowns in Italy. Yes, Italy is on lockdown again. At least partially. The second wave we were told was coming, is here. I didn’t want to avoid the partial lockdown on ALOR this week. It’s too elephant in the room. Things just feel… too surreal right now in Italy. Too subdued. Like vivid fall colors muted by fog.

I’m sharing my feelings today because I’m guessing you too are out there wondering, what does being okay in the face of COVID even look like? Feel like? Am I okay?

Today, I think it feeling “okay” in the face of COVID looks and feels a little like this Italy Pic of the Day.

Bike during lockdowns in Italy

A little beat up. A little lonely. Yet just a lockdown away from a joyride in Italy.

In the interest of keeping each other company and in forcing my own answer to be “Yes, at the very least, I’m okay” here is my plan. Keep moving, sharing, writing. Italy Pic of the Day will go on this week! They bring me joy, and I hope they bring you a moment of joy too. I’m also changing things up a bit.

Partial Lockdowns in Italy in October, 26th 2020

For my family and friends back home who are curious what’s going on in Italy with the lockdowns, here are the latest details. Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte tightened restrictions across Italy into what’s being referred to as a Partial of Soft Lockdown. The goal is to keep the curve under control to better manage the pandemic. No one wants a repeat of the first wave in Italy. No one.

Currently, the partial lockdown in Italy is slated to be in effect until November 24th, 2020. In addition to strict social distancing and mask mandates (even outdoors) cinemas, theaters, gyms, casinos, concert halls, betting venues, and even swimming pools are all closed. Shopping centers (malls) are closed over the weekend. Restaurants and bars have to stop serving at 6pm. While schools and nurseries are open, 75% of high-school and university classes are being shifted to online, remote learning.

The Italian government is also “strongly urging” citizens to avoid public transportation and to stay within their own communities (regions) with exception of work, health reasons, family necessity or other emergencies only. Companies are being urged to utilize remote work and individuals are asked to hold meetings remotely if possible. So our architects will be seeing on us on zoom only! Additionally, regionally there are curfews in place in areas including ours, which is Piedmont. Everyone home by 11pm till 5am.

For anyone curious about the full details, here is the official Italian decree. The Google Chrome browser will translate it into English. Pretty different from what’s happening in America right now with wave two. Personally, I’m okay with the partial lockdown. I’d rather Italy act now, before a second full lockdown is needed to manage the pandemic. I don’t even mind the curfew, nothing is open anyway!

How are you? How is your corner of the world. As they say here in Italy “tell me.” I’m listening.

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  1. Sorry to hear you’re back into lockdown but it seems like here in Singapore they’re valuing education for the kids. I just wrote up our Covid journey too. It’s been a roller coaster for sure. I love your bike btw. I have a lekker bike which I adore 🥰

    1. Thank you Dee. Sadly it’s not my bike. Paolo was just captivated by it and the wall and plant behind it and photographed it. I was watching thinking “I wish I could hop on that bike and ride around all afternoon in Italy gathering food in my little basket.”

      I’d love to read your write up! Care to share a link for others too here?

        1. We are okay all things considered. Our families are safe in America and Italy and that alone feels like enough. Are you watching for family abroad as well?

            1. One Sister here. Hard to be away from her and my folks. I hope you’re able to get to your Sisters these days.