Italy Pic of the Day | Nuraghi Sardinia Mystery

Why the story behind Nuraghi across Sardinia, Italy is still a mystery. See Beautiful Photos of Italy Daily on ALOR | Italy Pic of the Day.

Sito Archeologico Tharros in Sardinia is home to the Nuraghi with the best view in all of Sardinia! If you’re here just to see a beautiful photo of Italy, thank you for stopping by! Curious what a Nuraghi is, or even how to properly pronounce Nuraghi, read on!

Italy Pic of the Day Nuraghi at Sito Archeologico Tharros

Italy Pic of the Day Nuraghi Sardinia
Sito Archeologico Tharros in Sardinia, Italy

The Definition of Nuraghi

See the tower on the hill in the photo above? That’s a Nuraghi. The word Nuraghi simply means a large tower-shaped stone structure found in Sardinia, dating from the Bronze and Iron Ages. Simple yet still a mystery. Here’s why.

Nuraghi are Still a Mystery

Little historical documentation has ever been found that explains why Nuraghi were built. If you’re curious to know just a little bit more, this Nuraghi of Barumini in Sardinia video not only properly pronounces Nuraghi, but it’s also a little bit funny. Talk about mystery, who is that hooded man?

Built as far back as 1500 BC the exact purpose of Nuraghi across Sardinia remains a bit of a mystery. Defense, religion, gathering or simply stockpiling no one knows for sure. No conclusive excavations have revealed the mystery and so Nuraghi remain a magical sight throughout Sardinia.

Want a little more Italian magic in your day? Check out this 4,000 year old olive tree in Sardinia know as the Olivastri Millenari di Santo Baltolu.

Olivastri Millenari of Santu Baltolu

Join me for Thursday’s Italy Pic of the Day to see a magical sunset in Sardinia from our own private beach. Well at least for two nights anyway!

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