Italy Pic of the Day | Sardinia Sunset

Photo gallery of sunset in Sardinia + how not to miss the best colors at sunset. See Beautiful Photos of Italy Daily on ALOR | Italy Pic of the Day.

There is a secret to sunsets. One Paolo told me long ago that’s paid off time and time again. Have patience. Wait for it, and don’t give up! Catching colors as vivid as today’s Italy Pic of the Day of a sunset in Sardinia, mean waiting. Typically the strongest colors wash the sky fifteen to twenty minutes after the sun drops below the horizon.

Italy Pic of the Day | Sardinia Sunset Photos

Today’s Italy Pic of the Day is a series of sunset photos that show exactly why sticking around after the sun drops below the horizon is worth it. Watch the colors grow more intense as the sun drops through the horizon on the same night in Sardinia.

Italy Pic of the Day Sardinia Sunset Brandy Shearer
Brandy Running into the Sardinia Sea at Sunset

About a half an hour before sunset, I couldn’t resist the colors reflecting on the calm sea. As I gathered the hem of my dress and waded in, Paolo went in search of higher ground for a better view.

Italy Pic of the Day Sardinia Sunset Over Water
Sunset over Water in Sardinia, Italy

Ten minutes later, he returned saying “Piccola, you have to come see this!” Reluctantly leaving the water, I followed him up the street seen in the photo below. A street that basically ended in the Mediterranean sea no less! Walking back I snatched his camera and captured a photo of Paolo himself. Not too bad if I do say so myself!

Italy Pic of the Day Sardinia Sunset Paolo Ferraris
Paolo in Sardinia at Sunset

Then we settled in with some wine for the show. Over the next hour the sun made its decline, sending ever more vivid colors high across the sky.

Italy Pic of the Day Sardinia Sunset Purple
Purple Sunset over Sardinia

On countless vacations, Paolo has managed to capture some of the most beautiful sunsets I’ve ever seen. Including this vivid purple sunset from our private little beach in Sardinia. No we are not high rollers. We were just lucky. Our trip to Sardinia was in the shoulder season, our favorite timing as introverts. No one else was around to see the sun show off it’s ability to deliver yellow, orange, pinks, purples, and blues in the same sunset!

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