It’s My Birthday Today!

I'm 45 today! To celebrate, random facts about me & TAG… you're it!⁠ Leave a fun random fact about you in the comments to help me celebrate. Pretty please?!
Share your love for Italy!

Chances are if you’re seeing this post, you already know I’m a dual American Italian citizen, Author of, and wife of Photographer & Artist Paolo Ferraris. What you might not know is the following fun facts. Okay here we go…

  1. I was born in Iowa, raised in Ohio, lived as a nomad and lived in Toronto, New York City & Portland before moving to Italy this year on a COVID Repatriation flight.⁠
  2. At 21 I paid rent on $5 an hour.
  3. I’ve now lost 20 lbs since moving to Italy in April. I know! 🍝🍷🥖🧀⁠
  4. I hate buttons and being asked to confirm old addresses or phone numbers for security reasons. 🤦‍♀️⁠
  5. Most painful life lesson? Reacting to harassment in the workplace without knowing my rights, my advocates, or myself well enough to handle the situation properly.⁠
  6. I’m old enough to understand the difference between intent and innocence.⁠
  7. I’m in the middle of a home renovation in Bardonecchia, Italy.
  8. Having freedom of time motivates my financial decisions.
  9. My mantra: Earn American, Live Italian.⁠ More on that to come…
  10. Wildest dream: Write & Make a movie.⁠ There I’ve said it!

At 44, I moved to Italy to begin the path towards early retirement. Now at 45, I’m giving myself permission to not know the answer to “So, what do you do for a living?” is where I share my journey to being at peace with the answer to that question.

I think I might go lay down now, I’m exhausted! #introvert⁠problems⁠

Now it’s your turn, spill!


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