Italy Pic of the Day | Summer Statue in Florence

Birthplace of the Italian Renaissance, Florence is home to beautiful works of classical art including Giovanni Caccini statues in today's Italy Pic of the Day.
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Today’s Italy Pic of the Day is a beautiful photo of the statue Summer that sits at Ponte Santa Trinita in Florence, Italy. While the statue is named Summer, the photo of it was taken in winter. Something you’d never guess given the sunny blue skies overhead. Curious to learn a little more about this beautiful statue? Read on my friend! If you just like day dreaming about blue skies and travel, there’s more for you below too.

Italy Pic of the Day | Summer Statue in Florence by Giovanni Caccini

Italy Pic of the Day Florence Skyline
Italy Pic of the Day Florence Skyline

Florentine sculptor Giovanni Caccini created both the Summer and the Autumn statues that were part of the four statues of the Seasons added to Ponte Santa Trìnita (Holy Trinity Bridge) in 1608.

Looking back at the image for this Italy Pic of the Day post, I was struck by how similar it’s story was to that of the Allegory of the Victory statues on the Ponte della Vittoria in Verona.

Allegory of the Victory Statue on Ponte Della Vittoria

Just like Ponte della Vittoria in Verona, Ponte Santa Trinita in Florence was destroyed by retreating German troops on August 4, 1944.

A fact I didn’t know while standing in Florence admiring the Summer statue. The other thing I didn’t know at the time, was that statues that show a gentle forward motion like Caccini’s Summer often indicate a connection to classical sculptures of the Medici era. Something Caccini knew well thanks to his experience with restorations he did for the Medici family between 1583 and 1590.

Italy Pic of the Day Statue Summer in Florence
Italy Pic of the Day Statue Summer in Florence

My friends back at home in New York City might recognize the statue’s style thanks in part to Temperance, one of Caccini’s other works on view at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

“Caccini’s career as sculptor and architect included many commissions for churches in Florence: among his greatest works were statues for the high altar of Santo Spirito (1599 – 1613), and he was one of the distinguished sculptors working under Giambologna on the great bronze doors of Pisa Cathedral (1588 – 96).”

For my next Italy Pic of the Day will be another one of Paolo’s beautiful photos from Florence. In it, I’ll share a bit more about why Florence is so often called the Birthplace of the Renaissance.


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