Italy Pic of the Day Florence Skyline

Italy Pic of the Day | Summer Statue in Florence

Today’s Italy Pic of the Day is a beautiful photo of the statue Summer that sits at Ponte Santa Trinita in Florence, Italy. While the statue is named Summer, the photo of it was taken in winter. Something you’d never guess given the sunny blue skies overhead. Curious to learn a little more about this beautiful statue?

Italy Pic of the Day Florence Skyline
Italy Pic of the Day Florence Skyline

Florentine sculptor Giovanni Caccini created both the Summer and the Autumn statues that were part of the four statues of the Seasons added to Ponte Santa Trìnita (Holy Trinity Bridge) in 1608.

Looking back at the image for this Italy Pic of the Day post, I was struck by how similar it’s story was to that of the Allegory of the Victory statues on the Ponte della Vittoria in Verona.

Allegory of the Victory Statue on Ponte Della Vittoria

For my next Italy Pic of the Day will be another one of Paolo’s beautiful photos from Florence. In it, I’ll share a bit more about why Florence is so often called the Birthplace of the Renaissance.

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    1. Thank you! Florence is always so beautiful. Sorry I’ve been a bit behind in my post reading. Trying desperately to learn to speak Italian (6 hrs a day every day!) My brian is fried. Looking forward to getting ahead of the curve and catching up with your posts!

        1. Italian is very difficult for me personally. It feels like trying to solve a puzzle with every sentence.

          1. I took Italian in school. 8 years. One year I even taught it to a local third grade class. I thought I was going to be a language teacher, but then switched to business for a major. Stopped hearing and speaking Italian…now all I know is food words, lol. And maybe I can understand the Italian lines in mobster movies without looking at the subtitles, but that dialogue is fairly limited in both languages 🙂

            1. Bright side, you’ll likely pick it back up quickly if you ever decide to try again!