Living in Italy

Italians Love a Bidet

As an American, I never gave bidets much thought. As a newly minted Italian citizen renovating a home in Italy, I’ve given bidets a lot of thought recently! Did you know there are short bidets, tall bidets, built-in seat bidets, self-sanitizing bidets, handheld hose bidets, wall-mounted bidets, and get this, matte bidets?!

It might seem a little unseemly to talk about bidets, but here’s why I’m sharing this part of our Italian home renovation journey. Turns out, picking out a bidet… is fun!

Italian Bidet

Ladies and gentleman meet our soon-to-be bidet (and toilet) “Smile.” I mean come on! You have to admit these are just a little bit cute right? Butt wait, it gets better! Last butt joke I swear.

Italian Home Renovation Smile Toilet Bidet Ceramica Cielo
“Smile” Toilet & Bidet Image Credit: Ceramica Cielo

I kid you not, this award-winning design from Cielo Ceramica is named Smile!

“Easy to build up, greatest functionality and attention to design for SMILE: a collection with the young appeal, easy-chic, just like the name suggests. Its strength is the fact that it is easy to build up, modular and versatile, it fits perfectly the different necessities and personal tastes, offering a very big range for personalized solutions. Elements by the sophisticated appeal, which comes from the meeting of elements with essential shapes and pure and geometric lines, giving a result that mixes perfectly aesthetic and functionality.” Design Awards: MIAW – Muuuz International Awards. German Design Award – Special Mention

Cielo Ceramica

Here’s the part that really made me smile. The Smile line of toilets and bidets also come in wall mount units!

Italian Home Reno Bidet Ceramica Cielo
Italian Home Reno Floating Wall Mount Bidet: Image Credit Ceramica Cielo

What that doesn’t sound exciting? Just imagine never hugging the toilet while stretching for those hard-to-reach damp dust bunnies again! Show of hands if that made you smile even just a little. For my fellow reno geeks, if you’re looking for a little bathroom design inspo check out Cielo’s Instagram! I’ll admit to fawning over the matching bathtub post. If only we had the space!

If you’re curious why this American opted to put in a bidet, just watch the following video for the number one difference that drives Italians nuts while living in America! Never used a bidet and are curious how they work? I’ve got you covered here: 10 Tips for Americans Visiting Italy: The Bathroom.

YouTube Video, Why Italians Love Bidets!

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    1. I WISH! Sadly the space isn’t big enough for the matching tub. We’re getting a smaller one though and I’m feeling pretty excited just to get one squeezed in! How are you doing with travel restrictions. We’re grateful to have such a big time consuming project while we’re unable to travel and explore.

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