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Italy Pic of the Day | Tuscan Villa View

Today's Italy Pic of the Day is from Grassina a charming village close to Florence in the Tuscan hillside.

Time for another quick Italy Pic of the Day! This time, a glimpse of why so many people dream of living in the Tuscan hills. They are stunning. Plus, the story behind the photo including how off-season travel means these Tuscany villa views can be yours for under 100€ a night. Honestly! May that little nugget of information keep all our post-COVID travel dreams alive.

Curious where we stayed in Tuscany? Keep reading! Just want to indulge in a virtual vacation in Italy for a few minutes? Jump to the bottom of the post where I’ve included an Italy Pic of the Day Photo Gallery from Florence. Either way, enjoy the getaway!

Italy Pic of the Day | Tuscan Villa View

Despite writing this from Italy, this is a virtual vacation for me too. Yesterday, Italy went back into a red lockdown. Paolo and I are not going anywhere anytime soon. Which is why I’m returning to one of my favorite photos from our last trip to Florence for today’s Italy Pic of the Day.

Italy Pic of the Day Tuscan Hills
Italy Pic of the Day Tuscan Hills

January 2020 Paolo and I were happily sipping our first glass of wine outside Villa Medicea di Lilliano in Grassina when this photo was taken. Grassina is a charming village close to Florence. In fact as night fell the city lights of Florence were visible over the first ridge line in the distance of today’s Italy Pic of the Day.

One might expect getting these views from a villa in Tuscany for less than a 100€ a night came with a catch. Something like “Rustic villa” really meaning “creaky old farm house with small rooms and Nonna linens.”

Not true at Villa Medicea di Lilliano. Take a look.

Video from Villa Medicea di Lilliano Where our Italy Pic of the Day Photo Was taken

I know! Travel in Italy anywhere near August and prices skyrocket. In the off-season or shoulder seasons, even beautiful villas like this in Tuscany because cheaper than a Motel 6 off the highway in America.

Our stay at Villa Medicea di Lilliano lasted four memorable nights. Each evening, we couldn’t wait to leave Florence behind to wind our way up to our villa to watch the sunset. This is also where Paolo captured another Italy Pic of the Day photos from Florence.

Italy Pic of the Day Sunset Over Tuscany
Italy Pic of the Day Sunset Over Tuscany

Our villa (I just like typing that) Villa Alessandro, is one of five of the La Torre Villas. It featured a large open plan kitchen, living and dining room downstairs that opens onto a private terrace. Upstairs lies an even larger bedroom suite with a romantic canopy bed, a double walk-in shower and windows lining every wall.

During our stay we were the only two guests and yet we felt like royalty relaxing with our local delicacies for dinner.

In the morning, opening those shutters to the surrounding views left me breathless with anticipation. At the time, we were house hunting. We had already decided to move to Italy. We thought Tuscany would be our home. Fate and the timing of COVID changed our plans, but I take great comfort knowing Villa Medicea di Lilliano is now driving distance from our home in Northern Italy.

When all of this is over and we can once again travel safely, you can bet we’ll be returning to Villa Medicea di Lillia. Not just for relaxing and taking pictures though! Next time we’ll be exploring the organic winery and olive oil shop because now that we live in Italy, we can fill our trunk and bring the tastes of Tuscany home with us!

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