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Farmhouse Sink Made in Italy for Americans

Last week on Renovating Bardonecchia, I confessed my cultural bias around kitchen design. This week I’m throwing some irony into the mix. The term farmhouse sink has become a bit of a joke between our Architect Roberta and myself.

Let me just say, Roberta has shown nothing but style and grace as I continually massacre the Italian language through our Italian home reno project. She’s waited patiently for me to complete incomplete sentences. She’s never given me a look that says “that makes no sense.” She listens, tries to understand, and only looks at Paolo for a translation when truly lost.

I’ve come to trust Roberta. This is what made me a little worried when she had not heard the term farmhouse sink before. To Roberta’s credit, there are a couple good reasons for that. One farmhouse sink is an English term and two, farmhouse sinks are not really a thing over here in Italy.

Italian Home Renovation | Farmhouse Sink

All throughout the design phase, we’d joke “What was it? Oh yes, farmhouse sink!” After pinning the heck out of under-mount, farmhouse sink photos on my kitchen board, Roberta even worked a farmhouse sink into our latest kitchen design sketch.

I thought the farmhouse sink was a done deal until… our last call. Roberta seemed a bit worried. She wasn’t sure she knew where to find a farmhouse sink in Italy. Luckily, after all my pinning, I already had.

Meet our soon-to-be farmhouse sink from Galassia!

Italian Home Renovation Blog GALASSIA Farm House Sink
Galassia Farmhouse Sink, Made in Italy

Made in Italy | Galassia Farmhouse Sink

Galassia is Made in Italy which means I’mma gettin’ one in Italy! That twist of irony I alluded to earlier? Galassia is an Italian ceramics company that makes beautiful farmhouse sinks right here in Italy and get this, ship most of them to America! Isn’t it ironic, don’t you sink?!

Oh that was bad! Can’t help myself, it’s Friday!

On a more serious note, I’m happy to report Italian tradition isn’t standing in the way of badly needed environmental changes. In recent years, Galassia has made environmentally conscious strides related to production and household use.

Galassia’s roof in Civita Castellana (Italy’s ceramic district) is an 8,000 square meter “photovoltaic power generation system” solar power energy system. Plus, their website boasts some “feel good” marketing copy that makes me pretty happy about my soon-to-be farmhouse sink.

"The innovative Higherglaze [is] directly applied to the ceramic before firing. The surface is perfectly smooth and does not allow dirt and scale to settle. This guarantees lasting shine, pleasant touch, high protection against scratches, abrasions and external agents. The extreme ease of cleaning also allows a lower consumption of water and detergents in respect of the environment." -- Ceramica Galassia

Here I thought nothing could make me happier than my own farmhouse sink. Turns out an easy clean farmhouse sink can!

Italian Home Renovation Blog GALASSIA farm house sink thin wall
Galassia Farmhouse Sink, Made in Italy

Last week I promised to share two details from our kitchen design and here’s the second!

We decided to go with a tile backsplash. If we’re connected on Instagram you might have seen these already but for those of you who don’t, here they are!

I cannot wait to see these behind my new farmhouse sink!

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  1. LOL – that’s awesome! Made in Italy for Americans. Yet it takes an American to introduce it to her Italian Architect. Full Circle of happiness.