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35 Relaxing Pictures of Nice France

Three hours from Torino, Italy lies a popular Italian vacation spot nicknamed Nice la Belle meaning ‘Nice the Beautiful.’ See 40 pictures of Nice, France that show why Italians adore visiting this French Rivera fave year round.

Approaching Nice, France from the A6 highway it’s clear why Italians flock to the French Riviera. It’s stunning! Steep green cliffs dotted with brightly colored homes cascade into azure waters. Us Italians feel right at home in Nice. But why if Nice is in France? During our most recent trip to Nice, I learned why the deep-seated love Italians profess for Nice, is more than skin deep.

What follows is a quick story of how one power “House” shuffling between France and Italy impacted the culture of Nice. 40 vivid azure pictures of the jewel of the French Riviera. Last but not least, just in case those pictures turn into google flights search, 12 things to see in Nice, France.

Pictures of Nice France

Nicknamed Nice la Belle meaning ‘Nice the Beautiful.’ See why Italians adore visiting this French Rivera fave year round.

  • View of Nice from Colline du Chateau Viewpoint
  • View from Colline du Chateau Viewpoint in Nice, France
  • Old Nice
  • Brandy on the Beach
  • Conversation à Nice, 2007 by Jaume Plensa
  • Pictures of France Hotel Negresco in Nice
  • Sunset on the Promenade in Nice, France
  • Flight Bound for Nice France
  • Historic City Center Nice, France
  • Nappers on the Beach in Nice, France
  • Shadows on the Beach in Nice, France
  • Happy Hour in Nice, France
  • Fishing Boat Where's Your Captain? in Nice, France
  • Bird on Statue of David in Nice, France
  • Sunset on the Beach in Nice, France
  • Ferris Wheel in Nice, France
  • River Meets the Sea in Nice, France
  • Fishing on Beach in Nice, France
  • Promenade du Paillon in Nice, France
  • Nice Beach
  • Streets of Old Nice France
  • Art Outside Hotel Negresco in Nice, France
  • West End Hotel Nice, France
  • Conversation à Nice, 2007 by Jaume Plensa
  • La Chaise Bleue (the Blue Chairs) of Nice, France
  • Moon over Nice, France
  • Old Nice, France
  • Beaurivage Beach Sign Nice, France
  • Promenade des Anglais, Nice France
  • Relaxing Readers in Nice, France
  • Sail Boats off the Coast of Nice, France
  • Azure Waters of the French Riviera in Nice, France
  • Sunset over Nice, France
  • Sweets Shop in Historic Center Nice, France
  • Winter Swimmers in Nice, France

Why Italians Love Nice, France

Amadeus VII of the House of Savoy acquired the port city of Nice during his reign from 1383 to 1391. The House of Savoy (aka Savoia in Italy) is a historic dynasty of Europe that acquired territory between what is now France, Italy, and Switzerland. As the story goes by the 15th century, the House of Savoy was going places and aligned with the powers that be of the time, aka the Holy Roman Empire. By the 18th century, the House of Savoia having been given ducal status (aka dukedom) became the ruling house of Italy. First over the kingdom of Sicily followed by Sardinia. Where things get a bit complicated is that over time the House of Savoy saw a series of weak rulers which lead to French occupation. In fact, during the French Revolutionary and Napoleonic Wars, only Sardinia remained free of French control.

Crazy right? Let’s just say the history of what’s French and what’s Italian in the Western Alps is complex thanks to the twisty history of the House of Savoy. So while Nice might never have officially belonged to “Italy” since the formal unification of Italy as a nation didn’t begin until 1861, Nice is at heart a little bit Italian. Sort of Like a relaxed, elegant city that takes after the best side of both her parents, Italy and France.

Paolo and I have been traveling around Italy now for a decade. Yet France remained a relatively new country to me until recently. Sure there was that European road trip I took with my NYC bestie Suzanne back in 2009 when I saw Strasbourg and Colmar. That day trip from Bardonecchia, Italy to Annecy, France Paolo and I took in 2013. That time in 2014 when Paolo said “should we have lunch in France today?” before casually whisking me over the border to Briançon. Trust me being a midwest American kid I know how that one sounds!

It wasn’t until making it to Paris in June of 2014 that my mind was made up. Despite my new status and an Italian wife, I needed more France in my life. Since 2019 Paolo and I have made it to Carcassonne, Lyon, Bordeaux, Montpellier, Saint-Emilion, Pérouges, Nice, and most recently Avignon. Yet Nice remains the one place in France where I feel most at home. So much so, that I couldn’t help asking Paolo for a history lesson. This is when I first heard the story of the history between France and Italy in regards to Nice. I hope you enjoy this little trip over to France and join me again soon for another post from Italy!

Nicknamed Nice la Belle meaning ‘Nice the Beautiful.’ See why Italians adore visiting this French Rivera fave year round.


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  1. Even though I was born in Switzerland, my parents and I lived near Annecy (Prévessin-Moëns). My parents loved going over the Alps to Italy. They found it so easy! Hope you enjoy seeing France!

    1. Oh Annecy!!! One of my favorite day trips. There is this cheese shop with a glass floor so you can see their cheese cave below that I always stop by and just inhale deeply!

    1. It most certainly is. Thank you for stopping by Len. Wishing you safe travels when the world opens up again. Where would you like to go first?

      1. Before this pandemic, I planned to visit the Balkan countries and Turkey. I hope I can resume this trip. But I guess it’ll take a few months more. For now, I’ll spend time to explore Vietnam, my home country 🙂 How about you? Where would you like to go?

        1. We actually just moved to Italy. So with COVID I think our plans will keep us local here. Likely more to explore in northern Italy.

  2. Nice makes a great base for expanding out into the small towns surrounding it because of the accessibility of the trains. Thanks for reminding me that Nice would be worth the train ride from Paris to visit again.

    1. You are so right about the train and finding base spots to explore from. Being American moving to Europe this is one of the biggest perks! I’m hoping over to your blog to find out more about where you spend your days. I do love love love Paris and have heard Paris like NYC (my home at heart) has been impacted deeply by COVID.

  3. I love Nice. I’ve been lucky to spend a lot of time in Nice because of my work. My favorite activity is to sit on the blue chairs and just gaze out to the sea after I had a stroll on the promenade.

    1. Those blue chairs! I love how they match the water that seems impossibly blue. Where’s your favorite place to work from?