35 Pictures of Liguria, Gulf of Poets to Sestri Levante

Pictures of Italy photo gallery with 35 lush photos of the Italian Riviera. Liguria Coast highlights from Sestri Levante to La Spezia.
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Pictures of Liguria, Italy that’ll make you fall in love with the Italian Riviera. See hidden gems Italians love to inspire your next trip.

Liguria Italy Pictures

Those familiar with Liguria might notice a stunning lack of images of Portofino or Cinque Terre in today’s Pictures of Italy photo gallery. While omitting two of the most adored hotspots along the Italian Riviera might seem like a huge oversight, it’s really not. Paolo’s pictures of Portofino and pictures of Cinque Terre were so stunning they deserved their own galleries.

Instead, today’s Pictures of Italy gallery includes places loved by Italians that tend to be lesser-known to tourists visiting Italy for the first time. It also includes a few hidden gems in Liguria like the ancient town of Sarzana and the Bay of Silence in Sestri Levante which lies just 30 miles from Genoa, Italy.

Gulf of Poets to Sestri Levante

Lerici reminds me of a more down-to-earth, liveable, and affordable Portofino. The moment I sat down for lunch by the water in Lerici I said to Paolo “You know we have to come back and spend a week right here in Lerici next time right?” While it might seem impossible to imagine driving away from such a beautiful coast on purpose, just 20 minutes by car from La Spezia is Sarzana, an ancient city with a fascinating history. There is even documentation from a peace treaty between Sarzana and Luni that places Italian poet and politician Dante Alighieri as a resident of Sarzana in 1306.

An intact 16th-century wall with four towers surrounding Sarzana makes it an easy place to explore on foot. Between Firmafede and Sarzanello Fortresses (pictured below), there is good reason to make Sarzana a day trip from the coast of Liguria. Without further ado, here are our favorite pictures including two art prints by Paolo Ferraris inspired by Liguria. All Liguria art prints for sale start at $23.99. Customizable framed and unframed versions are available. Simply click one of the art prints below for details or contact Paolo directly at Paolo@ALORConsulting.com.

Pictures of Liguria Italy Photo Gallery

  • Port of Lerici
  • Venere Azzurre Beach in Lerici
  • Lerici Beach Umbrellas in Liguria
  • Clock Tower Lerici, Liguria, Italy
  • Homes in Lerici in the province of La Spezia in Liguria, Italy.
  • Art Print of a Carrugio Street in Lerici by Paolo Ferraris
  • Boats in the Port of Lerici
  • Venere Azzurra Beach Lerici
  • Piazza Giuseppe Garibaldi in Lerici
  • Ameglia cove
  • Botanical Garden Montemarcello Liguria, Italy
  • Montemarcello View Point
  • Botanical Garden in Montemarcello
  • Montemarcello Views
  • Sarzana in the Provine of La Spezia, Liguria, Italy
  • Porta Parma in Sarzana Home
  • Sarzana in La Spezia, Liguria, Italy
  • First World War Memorial in Palazza Roderio, Sarzana
  • Garibaldi Monument Sarzana, Province of La Spezia, Liguria, Italy
  • Walk to Fortress of Sarzanello in Sarzana
  • Dry Moat Around Fortress Walls of Sarzanello, Sarzana
  • ALOR Italy Photographer & Artist Paolo Ferraris
  • Fortress Walls of Sarzanello, Sarzana
  • View of Tuscany from Liguria
  • Road Safety Pillars in Sarzana
  • Porto Venere Sunset
  • Art Print of Porto Venere, Liguria, Italy, Cinque Terre.
  • Sestri Levante Bike & Basket near Genoa in Liguria, Italy.
  • Bay of Silence Sestri Levante in Genoa, Liguria, Italy.
  • Bay of Silence Beach Sestri Levante Genoa, Liguria, Italy.
  • Genoa, Italy Bay of Silence Boat
  • Statue of the Fisherman in the Bay of Silence. Sestri Levante in Genoa, Liguria, Italy.

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All Liguria art prints are for sale, starting as low as $23.99. Customizable framed and unframed versions are available. Simply Click an Art Print for more details. Paolo’s Art from Liguria for sale online at VSUAL. We’re also here to help. If would like help finding any of the art prints of Portofino above or if you would like a hi-res version of any of the photos, don’t be shy. Email Paolo@ALORConsulting.com.

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