Sorry! What’s Happened & What Do You Want to See Next?

My goodness. I am so sorry. As a follower of ALOR Italy, you received a few Lorem Ipsum filled posts emails today. What happened?! What’s next?

Amid some pretty big personal news I have been pushing ahead on this passion project. ALOR Italy. All my creative energy has gone into this for six years. I am not about to let go. Not when I am about to round the corner personally and professionally.

In 2022 ALOR Italy started to see results! My goal now is to hit 10,000 visitors a month in 2023.

The minute I hit 10,000 visitors a month, permission is granted! I will invest financially in my dream of making ALOR Italy bigger than just me. 

It has been hugely rewarding to see ALOR Italy grow. It has also technically been a little over my head. Learning about SEO and the technical side of building and growing a brand. Creating a mission and a mantra I can stand behind. Trying to build my first website. Myself. Gulp.

Anyway, long story short. I loaded templates with starter pages this morning.

By accident, those starter pages went live. Triggering the emails you received. How embarrassing!

My goodness, what a mess to fix too. I was able to roll back the site changes, but sadly those emails could not be recalled.

I am so sorry to you, my followers, for those.

First, let me say. I hope to be able to share more about what I’ve been doing soon. Both personally and for ALOR Italy.

If things go according to plan, I will begin hiring people to be a part of ALOR Italy. 

Front and backend help to transform ALOR Italy from a blog into a website. So there will not be another oops like I had today! 

Plus, I will hire freelance writers! People who us are passionate about the Italian culture and lifestyle. Together our mission will be to spotlight Italian entrepreneurs and artists with a focus on female owned and operatived projects. Why woman?

At around 57% Italy has the lowest female labor participation rate in Europe. Additionally, the birthrate continues to drop in Italy. Combine those factors with Italy’s brain drain, and Italy has a problem. 

We want to be part of preserving what makes Italy so unique culturally. For me, that starts supporting entrepreneurs and female leaders.

I am one of those woman. I refused to give up on my passion project. Refused to give up on working for herself. I am on the cusp of proving to myself I CAN do this! It would be epic then turn around and help other woman in Italy do the same.

I’d love for you to be part of it. To be one of the people who joined ALOR Italy in its infancy and have seen it grow in scope and mission. 

This leads me to my question.  

What would make ALOR Italy fun and valuable for you personally? What would you like to see next?

What cost of living is in Italy? 

What its like to retire here? 

Move here? 

Live here in The Italian Alps? 

To be an artist living in working in Italy?

Or are you more interested in travel, food, and cultural highlights from Italy? 

Would you like to know more about how Paolo and I financially made our move to Italy? How we made real strides towards early retirement? Attained freedom of time to focus more and more on our passion projects each day?

If you have a minute, let me know in the comments below!

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  1. My husband and I are planning on moving to Italy when he retire in 5 years. Anything you tell us about it would be appreciated. Especially the things you found out later and wish you knew before. Thank you so much. Love your blog!
    PS Congratulations on your expanding adventures!

    1. Thank you! You gave my another great idea for a post. The top three things I wish I would have known before moving to Italy. Hint, none would have changed my mind. A few were a pain. Knowing ahead would have just made it easier to plan. I’ll be sure to let you know when that post is out! Would love to hear more about your plans to move here as they come together!

  2. I read your posts faithfully as I’m planning to move to Italy this year! I am interested in learning more about everyday life, cultural differences, food, language, all things Italy! We however plan to live in the south, so if there was a way to discuss life in Italy in a broader context (not only your area near the Alps) that might be beneficial. Learning about the health care system, train travel (as we won’t have Italian drivers licenses) and challenges of daily life, Italian bureaucracy, taxes, and basically anything that would help an expat assimilate easier into the Italian way of life! Grazie! and good luck to you!

    1. Valerie thank you so much for your comment. You have me an idea! Some of the information you mentioned I’ve written about but piece by piece. I need to pull together a package for expats about the most daunting (but doable) challenges. Banking and drivers license among them. The health care system is encouraging. If you have to face a major health crisis, Italy is a good country to be in. The system is highly attune to preventative care. In addition once you are diagnosed and in the system, they guide you through everything. If you need a test or treatment you get it without having to wait or worry about health insurance approvals. It’s honestly life saving! No stress, just care. PS southern Italy is genuinely stunning. ALL OF IT! Do you already know where you will be?

      1. We are planning (hoping!) to find something to rent in Polignano a Marè in Puglia.We have much to accomplish in a short amount of time. We need to find a rental soon to satisfy the requirements of our Elective Residency Visas…then apply and hopefully all goes accordingly, arrive in September! Nervous and stressed out to say the least! We’ve liquidated everything here and I’ve got no Plan B…Poliganano or bust!

        1. Puglia is one of the MOST BEAUTIFUL places in Italy! I’m very happy for you. Oh the food too. I have plenty of places I’m eager to return to in Puglia. What are you most looking forward to about living there?

          1. Gosh…so many things…an over all better quality of life, making connections and becoming part of a community, the quality and freshness of food, great wine, and access to some of the most spectacular places in earth! Mostly,mits just time to start really living 💚❤️

  3. I knew what happened and it was absolutely no big deal. Better to learn while you’re not a million followers yet! Everyday life in Italy is my jam. See if Kacie Rose wants to partner she’s another great American living in Italy content producer:)

  4. As a web developer myself, I immediately recognized what and happened and was not bothered in the least. I did have a moment of empathy! I have spent more time in Provence than in Italy so I visit ALOR now and then for enjoyment. If you ever expand to Provence, I have some great topics I’d like to write about. Given that is unlikely, what I would enjoy in ALOR is travel, especially food and biking. Good luck!

    1. Thank you Gary for the kind words! It means a lot. Who knows maybe I’ll be able to expand but that’s a while off. For now, I’ll bring you lots of delicious Italian delights. Sicily coming up! When you have a moment, could you tell me more about your web dev self? if you like!