Italian Cypress Trees in Montalcino, Italy

Italy Destinations Quiz, How Many Do You Know?

Welcome to ALOR Italy’s first Italy Quiz! Because Paolo loves taking photos, we have a giant library of Italy pictures. So, I thought it would be fun to create an interactive way to share them with you. Hence the motivation behind today’s Italy Quiz!

The goal? Keep it fun. As a result, there are only 15 questions.

In other words, this quiz is quick and breezy. It takes less than five minutes. That said, you can take all the time you want.

This Italy Quiz is all about destinations. Of course, you’ll see some popular Italian destinations you probably know. However, I hope you find a few new hidden gems too.

Of course sometimes an image of a destination alone is not enough. For this reason you’ll find hints in the destination facts included with each question.

ALOR Italy runs on a love of all things Italian, elbow grease, and midnight Affogato. Any help you can give by sharing this quiz, or any article on ALOR Italy, is immensely appreciated.

In fact, all posts include social buttons to make sharing a snap.

THANK YOU, and good luck!

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Italy Quiz: Destinations

Think you know Italy? See how many Italian Destinations you can name in this week's Italy Quiz.

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Most importantly, don’t tell anyone the answers are hinted at here in the reference section! Granted you can, however if you keep our little secret you can brag about getting 15 out of 15. Naturally, I promise I won’t tell ANYONE!

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  1. Wow- I only got 8 correct… and I live here now!😵‍💫 I love this! Si much fun and informative!! Thank you Paolo for sharing your amazing photos!!!

  2. Michael J Rakita says:

    This was a very fun quiz and I thank you for posting it. It added about 4 or 5 more destinations for us to explore around Italy (certainly Agrigento and Ferrera). Keep up the great work and the awesome posts. I got 8 out of 15, so not too bad, but I admit, I’ve been looking at a lot of these destinations as potential visits for a while. I also agree with my fellow commentors…a food quiz would be fun. You could do general foods or break them out by category (formaggio, pasta, salsiccia, dolce, ecc.).

    1. Thank you Michael. I’m really glad you found it fun and useful! You actually gave me an idea for a fun article too. We concentrate on hidden gems in Italy in the off season. More of those to come! Definitely check out Elba Island off the Tuscan coast. I’m obsessed now! Trieste is an absolute gem and only an hours drive from some really beautiful cities and shores in Slovenia. So two amazing countries in one trip! Ferrara is close to Bologna and Ravenne (absolute gem with some of the MOST BEAUTIFUL gold mosaic tile churches I’ve seen outside Sicily) which are so much fun and not swarming with tourists! Lots more to come.

      1. Isn’t it Ferrara (not Ferrera 😅)?

        1. 🥴 sure is! Humble thank you for taking a second to help out. I appreciate it Nika. I think that makes you the winner with crazy bonus points.

  3. Enjoyed it, but it might have been too difficult. I passed it on two Italian friends, one from the north and one from Sicily and they each only got 6 correct. I’ve only been a visitor and I got 5 correct. But keep the quizzes coming!

    1. Thank you Gary! Geat perspective that I’ll take into account for the next one. Very much appreciate your taking the time to give feedback.

  4. Definitely food….but who knows if I will do any better!

    1. Thanks, Judy, so far food is in the lead for the next quiz. Hopefully I’ll get better with each quiz balancing the difficulty, facts and fun!

  5. Keep the quizzes coming! I didn’t do very well, and lots of them were wild guesses. I think I would do better on food

    1. Thank you! They are fun to pull together. Food will be fun! Anything you miss from one of your previous locations?