Sicilian Food Quiz Sgombro

Sicilian Food Quiz: How Many Can You Name?

From Sicilian pizza and pasta, to sweet of desserts test your Sicilian Food knowledge with this quick 15 question quiz.

Welcome to our second Italy quiz! Thanks to your votes and feedback on last week’s quiz, this week we’re all about Italian food. Specifically Sicilian food.

What you won’t see are super obvious Sicilian foods that everyone knows like Cannoli. Nor more obscure seasonal ones like Sgombro (Italian for Mackerel) or Fennel Salad which I now make constantly at home. All of which are shown in the gallery below so as not to totally leave them out of the fun.

Sicilian Foods Gallery

  • Cannoli
  • Sicilian Food Quiz Sgombro
  • Sicilian Fennel and Blood Orange Salad with Anchovies

Instead, what you will find are iconic Sicilian dishes found year round in Sicily and Sicilian ingredients that are exported all over the world. Unlike our last quiz that featured Paolo’s photos, today’s quiz features iphone pictures of the dishes and ingredients we ate voraciously during a month long trip through Sicily.

In a way this quiz is an informal guide to top dishes the locals recommended we try while in Sicily.

In the end, we hope the facts about Sicilian cuisine in today’s quiz inspires you to make it to Sicily or try a few Sicilian dishes at home.

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Sicilian Food Quiz

Think you know Sicilian food? Take this quick and breezy 15-question quiz to see how many Sicilian dishes and ingredients you can name. 

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In the end, you can always check the reference section of our quiz for hints. However, don’t tell anyone! Granted you can, however if you keep our little secret you can brag about getting 15 out of 15. Naturally, I promise I won’t tell ANYONE!

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  1. Michael Rakita says:

    Slightly better results this time (to the destinations quiz before…BTW…grazie mille per la tua risposta). I cannot believe I missed the Parm. di melanzane! Ever since moving here, I’ve grown ever more appreciative of a good eggplant dish. Keep up the great work and wonderful posts. Ciao!

    1. Grazie Michael! Eggplant is one of the veggies I can always find in the market. I never made much with it until I moved to Italy… now it’s ALWAYS in my home. LOL true story.

      1. Michael Rakita says:

        Certo…è una buona vedura!

  2. I did much better than on the places. I guess I travel more for food than views! I love the Sicilian wind Yrnm, but have never found it elsewhere

  3. Didn’t do as well as I thought I would but I learned a lot!

    1. I’m still trying to figure out how difficult to make the tips and questions. So I appreciate the feedback!