Beaches in Italy Is Arutas Sardinia

Beaches in Italy Quiz, How Many Do You Know?

Welcome to ALOR Italy’s third Italy Quiz featuring 12 of our favorite beaches in Italy. This quiz is quick and breezy, taking less than five minutes. As usual, you’ll see some popular Italian destinations you probably know. However, the goal of this quiz was to also share some hidden gems you can plan a trip around.

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Beaches of Italy Quiz

Want to see some of the best beaches in Italy? Try our Beaches of Italy quiz featuring 13 of our favorites and see how many know. 

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Beaches in Italy Photo Gallery

It was so hard to narrow down the list of beaches to keep the quiz short and fun. Because you can never have too much beach time, here are a few more amazing beaches in Italy. Hope you’ve found a few that inspire you to visit soon.

  • Beaches in Italy Is Arutas Sardinia
  • Cala Brandinchi Beach Sardinia, Italy
  • Beaches in Italy Quiz La Pelosa Beach
  • Beaches in Italy Quiz
  • Beach of Purity in Gallipoli, Italy
  • Cefalù Beach, Sicily, Italy

Beaches in Italy Quiz References

Most importantly, don’t tell anyone the answers are hinted at here in the reference section! Granted you can, however if you keep our little secret you can brag about getting 15 out of 15. Naturally, I promise I won’t tell ANYONE!

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  1. I did better than I thought. Must be the fact I lust after pics of those places on social media, wishing to see them someday!

    1. I certainly used to! Living in Italy is making seeing places like this so much more doable. It’s pretty exciting. PS: I tried to click your URL from your WordPress profile and I get an error that your sites down. I’ve missed the latest with you! What are you up to and where can I follow now?

  2. I love quizzes. Didn’t do too badly. Tell Paolo that we regard Alassio as our second home, we love the place.

    1. Hi Sheree! Alassio means so much to Paolo. It was a pleasure to visit with him and get the chance to discuss it again this morning thanks to your comment. Any plans for visiting Italy this year?

      1. Well it is only 40 minutes up the road. We’ll be in Alassio again in early May