Pesaro Beach After the Storm

Pesaro Beach Pictures, After the Storm

Just moments after an epic storm passed through the region, Paolo captured these colorful pictures from Pesaro Beach in Le Marche, Italy. Here is the quick story of that day, plus a sneak peek at an upcoming post about a hidden gem in Le Marche! What do I mean by hidden gem? The Vatican is not the only small country inside Italy! San Marino is a little-known microstate in the Le Marche region, and it is stunning!

San Marino in Le Marche, Italy
San Marino in Le Marche, Italy

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Colorful Pictures of Pesaro Beach

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What Pesaro is Known For

Pesaro is known for its soft sand beaches and music. That’s because Pesaro was home to one of Italy’s most prolific composers Gioacchino Rossini. As the artist of 39 operas, Rossini set the stage for Pesaro to become a UNESCO Creative City of Music.

Pesaro Beach in the Off-Season

Our favorite time to visit Pesaro is the off-season because chairs line the beach in summer. In April, introverts and budget travelers like us get Pesaro Beach all to ourselves. While the water is too cold for swimming in April, you’ll see Pesaro Beach in its natural form. In contrast, a look at Pesaro in August in this Instagram post.

Pesaro Beach

Looking back, I have such a vivid memory of running from those clouds. We had just gotten to the beach when those looming giants threatened to drop buckets of rain. As the first drops fell, we ran for the closest cover, a nearby restaurant named Alta Marea.

Unfortunately, our timing was horrible. The restaurant was hosting a private seafood banquet for a buzzing crowd. We feared they would turn us away. Fortunately, the approaching waiter saw the storm coming. Instead of giving us the boot, he nodded to a table snugged away in the corner window.

We spent the next hour sipping beer, watching the storm pass, and researching the stunning Art Nouveau house behind us on Pesaro Beach.

Pesaro Beach Villa

Oreste Ruggeri made his fortune in pharmaceuticals and ceramics. Born in Urbino, his wealth allowed him to build a private villa for his family in Pesaro. Hence Villino Ruggeri (Ruggeri Villa) became the most stunning Art Nouveau house on Pesaro Beach.

Pesaro Beach Art Ruggeri Villa near
Pesaro Beach Art Nouveau Ruggeri Villa

Pesaro Beach Art Nouveau History

Urbino architect Giuseppe Brega oversaw the construction of Villa Ruggeri between 1902 and 1907. Remarkably it remained standing after the war and remains one of the most refined examples of Art Nouveau in Italy today. Here is a closer look at the stunning details.

Tip on Italian Language Videos. YouTube has closed captions in multiple languages. Hit play, then click the CC bottom to turn on the closed captions. Next, click the settings button (gear-looking wheel) and click where it says Italian auto-generated. Then click auto-translate on the popup and select your preferred language. Fair warning, you’re about to be very hungry!

Villino Ruggeri Pesaro
Video of Ruggeri Villa in Pesaro, Italy

After the storm the sun came out and it was a beautiful day at the beach. Paolo and I had Pesaro beach to ourselves for a few hours before a few locals wandered by. It gave us plenty of time to walk off our beer buzz before heading back to our rental near Urbino. While it was sad to say goodbye to Pesaro beach, the beauty of the Le Marche region to kept us company on the drive.

Here are a few photos of the Le Marche countryside we’ll be sharing in future posts.

  • Le Marche Countryside
  • Le Marche Countryside Seen from Urbino
  • San Leo in Le Marche, Italy
  • University town of Urbino in Le Marche, Italy


Villa Ruggeri

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