Charcuterie & Cheese plater in the Italian Alps

Why Eating in Italy is My Favorite Thing!

It’s official. Eating in Italy is my favorite thing. That’s no small statement because there are countless other things I love about living in Italy. Little things like drinking Italian wine, traveling, being relaxed, and living a slower pace of life. Oh, and affordable Italian healthcare! If you caught my last post you’ll understand that one.

Yet still, eating in Italy is my favorite thing, period. Not just about living in Italy. I think eating in Italy might be a hobby for me. That can be a thing. Right?

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Eating in Italy is my Favorite Thing from Master of None

Lately, every time I sit down to eat in Italy, I sing this little catchy tune from the Master of None series. 

Why Eating in Torino, Italy is So Much Fun

Over the last year, I’ve had time to explore every nook and cranny of Torino. Translation, I’ve been devouring one of the most progressive Italian food scenes. That’s right, I said it. Torino is one of the best places to eat in Italy.

“Move over, Tuscany. Piedmont is the up-and-coming destination for food in Italy.”

Lori Zaino for The Points Guy

Not everyone professes as much love for the Piedmontese food scene as I do. After all, there are dishes like Cervello Fritto (fried calf’s brains) and Bollito Misto (boiled mixed meats.) Everyone who moves to Italy should try these at least once. I did. That was enough.

On the other hand, Piedmontese cuisine also includes some of the best cheese in the world. For example, Robiola, Toma, and my latest obsession. La Gran Riserva Occelli al Barolo. A cow and sheep’s milk cheese that’s aged in wine marcs (skins and the seeds of the grapes, after they have been pressed and fermented for wine) enriched with Barolo. I know! Cheesey Barolo, or should I say Baroloy Cheese? Either way, win-win.

What Italian Food Looks Like 2023

To illustrate why eating in Italy is one of my favorite things, here is a photo gallery of what Italian food looks like in Torino. You might want to lick your iPhone, but I suggest booking a trip to Italy instead.

  • Pizza Padellino (Pan Pizza) is from Torino, Italy
  • Gelato, everyones favorite thing to eat in Italy
  • Roman focaccia style pizza with Prosciutto Crudo and Burrrata
  • Whole Baked Fish at Gallina Pescheria
  • Ceviche at Koi in Torino, Italy
  • Sushi in Torino, Italy
  • Black Truffle & Eggs
  • Italian Cheese Shops are my Favorite in Italy
  • Eating Anchovies in Italy is my favorite thing
  • Scallops and foie gras with toasted brioche
  • Eating in Italy is my favorite Thing because it's refined
  • Wontons at Oh Crispa in Torino, Italy
  • Gnocco Fritto with Charcuterie in Modina, Italy
  • Eating Saffron Risotto in Italy is my favorite thing
  • Eating in Italy is my favorite thing Seafood Ramen
  • Classic Pizza Napoletana in Torino
  • Pizza Padellino (Pan Pizza) is from Torino, Italy
  • Cheese makes eating in Italy my favorite thing
  • Italian Cheese is one of my favorite things
  • Cheese, Charcuterie & Gnocco Fritto Making Eating in Italy my favorite thing
  • Eating in Italy is my favority thing because of La Veneziana pastry for breakfast
  • Eating in Italy is my favorite thing because Italian breakfasts are sweet
  • Classic Piedmontese Table in Torino
  • Cornetto for Breakfast in Italy is a favorite thing
  • eating Pasta Amatriciana in Italy
  • Sear Tuna in Italy is my favorite thing
  • Fried White Anchovy Crostini
  • eating in italy is my favorite thing polpo
  • Eating Pizza Romana at Eataly in Italy
  • Crudo Eating in italy is my favorite thing

The best part, these are all on my iPhone from the last month of eating in Italy. That’s a lie. The best part is I’ve been able to eat all this and not get fat, or go broke! Have I mentioned how much I love Italian food yet?

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Why Eating in Torino is My Favorite Thing

While some classic Piedmontese cuisine is the once is enough kind, far more makes you feel like a queen when you eat it regularly. Plus, Torino showcases the progressive side of eating in Italy. In Torino, you can find creative twists on Piedmontese classics like Vitello tonnato, right around the corner from Chinese dumplings so good lines form for them.

Eating in Torino so much lately has solidified eating in Italy as my favorite thing for two reasons. First, even after trying hundreds of restaurants, I’m still finding new gems all the time. There are so many restaurants in Italy! Second, fast food isn’t a thing in Italy. Let’s put it this way, the term QSR means nothing here. Sure, there are a few McDonalds around, but pizza is the fast food of Italy, and no, I don’t want fries with that.

So why do you care? Well, my friend, I’m about to start sharing my favorite restaurants in Italy. Subscribe below, and before long maybe you’ll be singing “eating in Italy is my favorite thing!” too.

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    1. It’s a joy here all the time food wise. Flooding not so much. Thankfully we’re fine in our area. Although we had just traveled to the flooded regions and it’s heartbreaking to see those area be hit so hard. Thank you for asking!

  1. Unfortunately eating in Torino is not my favorite because it’s difficult as a vegetarian!! 😂 Haha but I had much better luck in Bari/Puglia. Helps to know some awesome vegan locals who helped try local cuisine!

    1. Hi Pree! Have to admit Vegetarian and Vegan diets are not well served in Torino. Piedmontese is a very meat and cheese heavy cuisine. That said, one of my goals is to be able to create a list of Vegetarian restaurants in Torino. I’ve seen more and more opening up in the last six months and have even seen billboards with vegetarian apperitivo offerings. I will say it’s sad that the well known vegetarian restaurants in Torino as expensive! I’ve been keeping a list for me friend in Bardonecchia and I to try each time we come down to the city together. It won’t help you much now though but it is in honor of my vegetarian friends in Italy and in the US who plan to visit that I’m trying to create one!

  2. Fried white anchovy crostini…now, where did you find that? It looks amazing!

    My wife and I have only been to Torino once even though we’re in neighboring Lombardia…we’ll have to check out your upcoming list of restaurants and make our way back there. I’m in agreement “Eating in Italy is my favorite thing!”

    BTW…there’s a place in Intra called La Casera ( that you may enjoy visiting if you are in the Lago Maggiore area. We love everything they have and make it a point to visit almost every month. Last month they had goat cheese coated in pistachios (delicioso!).