pictures of Marche Countryside. Urbino, Italy

41 Colorful Pictures of Marche Italy’s Best-Kept Secret

See why Marche is one of the best-kept secrets in Italy. Our Marche, Italy photo gallery includes 41 colorful pictures of the Marche coast and its lush countryside. Plus, you’ll see the charming hilltop town of Urbino and even San Marino. One of two independent countries in the boot of Italy that is also a popular day trip from the Marche region of Italy.

What Marche, Italy is Famous For

Le Marche is famous among Italians for stunning lush landscapes, pristine beaches, and the small hilltop towns of Urbino.

You’re going to love Marche. It’s as beautiful as Tuscany but less touristy and more relaxed.

That’s how Paolo described the Marche region of Italy to me. He was right. As we drove into this beautiful region of Italy, I instantly fell in love with the rolling lush green hillsides (pictures below). Here’s why. 

First, the Marche region has 15 Blue Flag BeachesPesaro is the beautiful example featured below. Then there’s the fact that Marche borders San Marino, one of two independent countries in Italy. Until our trip, I had no idea a second independent country existed in Italy outside the Vatican. 

Next came visits to San Leo and Urbino. These two hilltop towns are the perfect example of why so many people fall in love with Italy. The landscape is cinematic, the food and wine are indulgent yet affordable, and history parallels modern-day life seamlessly. 

In other words, while the Marche region of Italy is a hidden gem, it’s not because it lacks anything that Tuscany boasts. In reality, the Marche does not rely on tourism and has thus flown under the radar. See why the Marche should be on your radar in today’s Pictures of Italy photo gallery featuring Le Marche.

Pictures of Marche Italy

Click on any picture to take a closer look in a gallery format. All photos by ALOR Italy Head Photographer Paolo Ferraris.

Given how much there is to see and do in the Marche region of Italy, it’s hard to believe it remains one of Italy’s lesson known regions outside the boot. We hope that our Marche Italy photo gallery gets you dreaming about a trip to Italy. Just in case, here is information about the locations featured above.

Urbino, Marche, Italy

We love sharing photos from Urbino. Not only because it’s beautiful but, with a population of fewer than 20,000 people, Urbino is one of Italy’s best-kept secrets that we highly recommend visiting. Why? Because despite its size, Urbino was once a major cultural center of the Italian Renaissance along with Florence. Here are 11 Reasons We Think You’ll Love Visiting Urbino, Italy.

Urbino, Marche Italy
Urbino, Marche Italy

Pesaro Beach, Marche, Italy

Pesaro is known for its soft sand beaches and music. That’s because Pesaro was home to one of Italy’s most prolific composers Gioacchino Rossini. As the artist of 39 operas, Rossini set the stage for Pesaro to become a UNESCO Creative City of Music. Learn more about Pesaro in our Pictures of Pesaro Italy photo gallery that includes the story behind the Villa seen below.

  • Art Nuovo Beach Villa in Pesaro Beach, Marche, Italy

San Marino, Italy

If you’re planning a trip to Italy and looking for something unique, we highly recommend adding San Marino to your itinerary. Is San Marino in Italy? Yes. Is it part of Italy? No. Adding San Marino to your travel plans means you can see the second-smallest country in Europe (after the Vatican) and one of the five smallest countries in the world. Here are our top 15 reasons to visit San Marino on your next trip to Italy.

San Marino Tower II
San Marino Tower II

San Leo, Italy

In the Emilia Romagna region, San Leo is known for its connection to Dante Alighieri after he mentioned it in the Divine Comedy and for its cinematic hilltop location which has been featured in many films. Above all its beauty has earned it a place among Italy’s Borghi più Belli d’Italia (the association of Italy’s most beautiful little towns) as well as Orange Flag status. Hence similar to San Marino, San Leo is a day trip that many people take while visiting the Marche region and thus our inclusion in today’s pictures of Italy photo gallery.

San Leo Italy
San Leo Italy

Italian Countryside

Curious about the Italian Countryside after what you’ve seen above? Don’t miss our guide to the Italian Countryside complete with a list of the prettiest Italian Countryside towns and recommendations for Italian countryside stays.

Picture of the Tuscan Countryside at Dusk Outside Florence
The Tuscan Countryside at Dusk Outside Florence

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