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45 Elba Island Pictures That Scream Yes! It’s Worth Going to Elba

Have you heard of Elba Island in Italy? If not, you might wonder why you should consider going. See 45 Elba Island pictures that say everything you need to know about the Tuscan Archipelagos’ most-popular island.

At Eighty-six square miles in size, Elba is not only the largest Tuscan Archipelago island, it’s actually the third largest Italian island behind Sicily and Sardinia. Hence, there are over 200 beaches on Elba Island.

That said, what makes Elba so popular among Italians isn’t the size of the island or the number of beaches to choose from. Rather the unspoiled natural beauty of Elba Island is what makes it a vacationers’ paradise. Much of which you can explore in our Elba Island Photo galleries below.

As with all of our Pictures of Italy photo galleries, along with Elba Island Pictures, you will also find fun facts and information so that you can explore Italy like we do, as locals.

Elba Island Pictures

What Elba Island is Known For?

Located a little over half a mile off the Tuscan coast, Elba Island is famous for three things.

First, for the brilliant white stone beaches in our Elba Island photo gallery. Stunning, aren’t they? Now imagine having these beaches all to yourself like we did! More on that soon. For now, the second reason Elba Island is famous is because it’s a name-dropper!

Elba Island is also famous for harboring Napoleon in exile for ten months in 1814, where he had not one but two homes in the village of Portoferrario. The first is The Villa dei Mulini in Borgo Vecchio (old village), high on the cliffs above Le Viste beach. The second is The villa in San Martino on the outskirts of town where Napoleon expanded his pre-existing country house.

Lastly, Elba Island is famous for the humble charm of its seven villages, each with stunning views of the sea. Among them is Porto Azzurro, the home base for our Elba Island adventure.

Why Go To Elba, Italy?

We recommend going to Elba Island because the water surrounding it is crystal clear. Plus, there is a beach for everyone on Elba Island.

If you want to bask in the sun on brilliant white stone beaches, there is Padulella Beach, Capo Bianco Beach, and Ghiaie Beach near Portoferraio.

On the other hand, if you prefer to walk barefoot on soft sand, there are plenty of those too. Barbarossa Beach is a sandy beach near Porto Azzurro. While our favorite Procchio beach in Marciana is the most beautiful sandy beach on Elba Island.

Furthermore, cliffside hiking trails with jaw-dropping sea views surround many of the beaches and towns on Elba Island.

Hence Elba Island is the perfect vacation spot to balance relaxing days on the beach with active outdoor sports and fun like diving, snorkeling, hiking, biking, shopping, beachside dining, sailing, and golf. You name it, Elba Island has it.

Is Elba Island Touristy?

One of the best things about Elba Island is that while it can be touristy in late June through August, those tourists are typically Italian. Hence visiting Elba Island means getting a taste of truly authentic Italian culture and, best of all, cuisine!

Due to its location, Elba Island has a mild, sunny climate with little rain. The result is a cuisine built around seafood and vegetables rich with flavor. On Elba Island, you’ll find menus featuring anchovies, cuttlefish, lobster, bream, spider crabs, scorpionfish, snapper, and octopus that you can wash down with local white, red, or rosé wines.

Best Time to Go to Elba Island

Historically, almost all Italians take their vacation during the three central weeks of August. Since Elba Island is a favorite vacation spot for Italians, that means Elba Island is at its busiest from late June through August.

April through November, Elba Island gets little rain. Hence tourists have ample time to enjoy themselves outdoors as soon as the weather warms in April. However, that also means Elba Island sees the most tourists from April through September.

Now, here’s our tip for introverts and budget travelers alike.

If you want to avoid crowded beaches, the best time to visit Elba Island is mid to late March. Be sure to pack a hat with a brim because the sun will come out, and a jacket for cooler days.

However, if you want to save money, avoid crowds, and still swim in the sea, not just walk along the beach, the best time to go to Elba Island is the last week of September or the first week of October. During this time, you’ll find fewer people on the beach. Plus, despite cooler water, you can still opt for a swim.

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