About ALOR

Ever dream of selling all your stuff and hitting the road? Starting over and this time, doing what you love for a living? Us too. So we did.

About ALOR

Started in 2015 by Brandy Shearer and Paolo Ferraris ALOR (Art of Living on the Road) is about living with passion, by doing what we love. Together.

Brandy, born and raised in the Midwest, moved to New York City in 2005. Paolo, born and raised in Torino, Italy moved to New York City in 2008. June 10th 2011, we met and quickly fell in love. Together, we shifted the focus of our lives to pursue our passions. Storytelling through writing and photography.

In 2014 we left New York City to save for what came next. 2015 a year of nomadic freedom, spent between Europe and America. We were searching for the place we wanted to call home together. A place where we could afford to indulge in food, wine, and travel while growing our own business ALOR Consulting.  Portland, Oregon became our home in 2016.

The evolution of our lives is what originally drove ALOR. Today, we focus on where we are in Portland.

What You’ll Find On ALOR

ALOR features stories of inspiration from Portland, Oregon, and the surrounding Pacific Northwest. Paolo’s fine art and photography are what make ALOR unique, bringing a photojournalist view of food, wine, travel, and design.

Our stories focus on our passions including:

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Who We Are

In our personal lives, we are the storytellers behind ALOR, best friends and husband and wife. How does that work? Pretty well actually. Liberal, creative, goofy and introverted we truly found each other.

In our professional lives, we are Paolo Ferraris and Brandy Shearer, visual storytellers and Co-Owners of ALOR Consulting.

So what exactly, do we do for a living? We are nomadic storytellers. A team of two. Photographer & Artist, Executive Producer & Content Marketing Wonk.

We’ll go anywhere in the world to find a great story.

Founders Paolo and Brandy
The Art of Living on the Road Founders Paolo and Brandy

Our Philosophy

Experience Over Possession

In 2015, we launched ALOR to give voice to the growing awakening of Generation X. The Baby Boomer path to success eroded, with us, right in the middle. Like many of our peers stuck in unsatisfying jobs, we saw trouble ahead.

Passport to Happiness
Passport to Happiness

Living our philosophy, experience over possession, and working for ourselves enables us the freedom to focus on doing what we love.

We believe the time for GenX to go for it, is now.

See you on the road,

Paolo & Brandy

ALOR Point Reyes California
ALOR Point Reyes California