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We’re Brandy Shearer (Author) & Paolo Ferraris (Photographer), two budget-savvy Italian introverts, artists, and dual citizens living in the Italian Alps. Get a taste of la dolce vita in your inbox by subscribing below.

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Our Experience

As Italian lifestyle content creators and marketing strategists Brandy Shearer and Paolo Ferraris opened ALOR Consulting in 2013. Our specialty is food, beverage, and hospitality and our portfolio includes work for HBO, Food Network, InStyle, Discovery, Hilton Hotels, Provenance Hotels, Uncle Nearest Whiskey, Usquaebach Whisky, Your Neighborhood Restaurant Group, Atuala, and Royall Lyme of Bermuda.

As a team of dual Italian American citizens, we are uniquely positioned to form media and business partnerships with Italian and English-speaking countries and businesses. We are passionate advocates and participants in educational and press tours. Contact Brandy@ALORConsulting for more.

Photographer Paolo Ferraris

Paolo Ferraris, Head Photographer ALOR Italy
Paolo Ferraris, Head Photographer ALOR Italy

Paolo Ferraris was born and raised in Turin, Italy. After earning a degree in Business and Economics, Paolo studied cinematography in Rome. He later moved to New York City and opened a successful photography studio before launching ALOR Consulting in 2013.

In 2016, Paolo opened his Fine Art Studio, Paolo Ferraris Colors. In addition Paolo is also the author of five books, now available on Amazon.

A traveler with wanderlust in his soul, Paolo is perpetually in search of his next adventure. After he met his match in an American Executive Producer, Brandy Shearer, he became a dual Italian American citizen.

Executive Producer Brandy Shearer

Brandy Shearer, Executive Producer ALOR Italy, Formerly Food Network, HBO, Discovery, InStyle
Brandy Shearer, Executive Producer ALOR Italy

Brandy Shearer graduated from The Ohio State University school of Journalism and Communication with a Bachelors of Arts and a minor in Women’s Studies.

Born in Iowa, raised in Ohio, Brandy moved to New York City where she worked as an Executive Producer. She has over twenty years experience leading creative teams for international lifestyle brands including HBO, InStyle, Food Network, and Discovery.

She is now a dual American Italian citizen focused on exploring Italy from her home in the Italian Alps. Her mantra Earn American, Live Italian helped her to achieve creative freedom, financial freedom, and freedom of time.

Retiring Early in Italy

ALOR stands for Art of Living on the Road. launched in 2013 as a way to stay in touch with family and friends after hitting the road as a digital nomad. In 2016 we set our sights on retiring early and moving to Italy. By 2019 we attained financial freedom, and in April 2020, we moved to Italy!

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