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ALOR Italy is a personal Italian lifestyle blog by an Italian American couple living in the Italian Alps. Welcome! We made ALOR for those in need of a little la dolce vita. Let our Pictures of Italy be a virtual vacation to top travel destinations including Venice, Florence, Tuscany, Puglia, Rome, Sardinia, Umbria, Italian Lakes, Piedmont, Veneto, and more. Explore the best Italy has to offer with articles that answer questions about Italian food, Italian wine, Italian pizza, Italian cheese, and Italian culture. Plus join me in learning Italian with my sometimes funny, always educational How to Pronounce Italian series. Past series include stories about gaining dual citizenship, moving to Italy, and renovating a home in the Italian Alps.

ALOR stands for Art of Living on the Road. ALOR.blog launched in 2013 as a way for Brandy Shearer (that’s me!) to stay in touch with family and friends after hitting the road as a digital nomad with Paolo Ferraris. Paolo is the photographer behind ALOR and my very handsome husband. In 2016 we set our sights on retiring early and moving to Italy. By 2019 we attained financial freedom, and in April of 2020, we moved to Italy! Get a dose of la dolce vita in your inbox by subscribing below.

Photographer Paolo Ferraris

ALOR Italy Photographer Paolo Ferraris in Sardinia, Italy
ALOR Italy Photographer Paolo Ferraris in Sardinia, Italy

Paolo Ferraris was born and raised in Italy. After earning a degree in Business and Economics, Paolo studied cinematography in Rome. He later moved to New York City and opened a successful photography studio. A traveler with wanderlust in his soul, Paolo is perpetually in search of his next adventure. He met his match in an American Executive Producer, Brandy Shearer.

Author Brandy Shearer

ALOR Italy Author Brandy Shearer in Sardinia, Italy
ALOR Italy Author Brandy Shearer in Sardinia Italy

Brandy Shearer was born in Iowa, raised in Ohio, and moved to Toronto, Canada before moving settling down for a decade in New York City. After falling in love and marrying a handsome Italian Photographer (you guessed it, Paolo Ferraris) she joined him on his journey towards the ultimate three freedoms. Financial freedom, creative freedom, and freedom of time… in Italy!

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