Introverted & Nomadic. Writer & Photographer. Two GenX travelers sharing stories, itineraries, photography & fine art from the road.

The Art of Living On The Road (ALOR) is built on a simple philosophy.

Experience Brings Greater Happiness Than Possessions

In 2010 Paolo Ferraris (Bello) and Brandy Shearer (Piccola) met and shortly there after married in New York City. In 2013 we began building our life together on this philosophy.

In 2015 we launched ALOR to give voice to the growing awakening of Generation XThe steady, predictable path to success our Baby Boomer Parents knew, is eroding. Many of our peers are now feeling trapped. Stuck in jobs they don’t like, trying to pay off debt accumulated by living a life we learned growing up.

We hope by sharing our story, we can inspire others to live below their means. It might sound funny. Yet living below our means for two years bought us freedom.

Now, we are free to focus on our creative passions and life our life on the road. All, while working for ourselves.

We’re sharing our story along the way, Bello’s Art, photography and all of our favorite travel tales. Plus, our hard earned Gypsy Tips. All the ways we have learned to save, to live the life we dream.

Awakening of Generation X 

Generation X Awakening
Generation X Awakening

For our parents, the Baby Boomers, things were a little different. Their path to success was more clear. Go to school, marry, buy house, have kids, work, retire to happily ever after. For Generation X, that path has eroded. Unfortunately, many of us were right in the middle of the road, when it disappeared from under our feet. This is why we are sharing our story of how we got, unstuck. 

Meet Paolo Ferraris (aka Bello)

Meet Brandy Shearer (aka Piccola)

To Collaborate Email: theartoflivingontheroad@gmail.com

Founders Paolo and Brandy
The Art of Living on the Road Founders Paolo and Brandy







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