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ALOR Italy showcases Art & Photography of Italy alongside stories of moving to, renovating a home in Italy, living in & exploring Italy.

Welcome to ALOR! We made ALOR for you. Our family, friends, fellow expats & Italophiles around the world who share the dream of visiting, moving to, or retiring early in Italy!

More About ALOR Italy

In 2016 we set our sights on retiring early and moving to Italy as artists. By 2019 we attained financial freedom, and in April of 2020 we moved to Italy!

ALOR blog series include: Italy Pic of the Day | Italian Home Renovation | Moving to Italy | Life in Italy | Italian Destinations 

Author Brandy Shearer & Photographer Paolo Ferraris

Brandy Shearer

Nice to meet you, I’m Brandy Shearer! Author of ALOR, Dual American Italian Citizen, Owner of ALOR Consulting and Wife of Photographer and Artist Paolo Ferraris.

Paolo Ferraris

Born in Torino, Italy, Paolo was raised in a home flooded with literature, poetry, art and camera equipment. ALOR is a place for Paolo to showcase his photography and art.

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Italian Home Renovation Blog Series

Renovating Bardonecchia is a weekly Italian Home Renovation Blog Series. Find out what it costs to renovate a home in Italy. Plus, see quirky differences between Italian and American homes.

Italy Pic of the Day

ALOR provides a photo-centric way to explore Italy’s top destinations including: VeniceFlorenceTuscanyPugliaRomeSardiniaUmbriaItalian LakesPiedmont, and more.

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