Brandy Shearer

As a kid, staring up at the stars, I felt a vague sense something was missing. In the coming years, I went out and found it. This is my story.

After graduating from The Ohio State University, I followed my dreams of being a successful, single woman to New York City. Up the corporate ladder I went.

AOL to InStyle to HBO to Food Network to being recruited as the Executive Producer for Discovery’s Digital Studio.

It was about this time, that I met a handsome Italian photographer, Paolo Ferraris. Paolo softened me. My family remarked on how much lighter, freer and happier I seemed. After two years together, Paolo asked for my hand in marriage and two months later, we held a small wedding in New York City.

At our happiest traveling, we lived a nomadic lifestyle in 2016 spending nearly half the year traveling Europe. After two months in Oregon, we decided to move ALOR Consulting to Portland in 2017.

Through our travels, Paolo has captures the world’s beauty in Paolo Ferraris Colors. Paolo’s travel photography and fine art combined with my writing are what you will find on

ALOR houses stories of our struggles, sacrifices, experiences and passions. We prioritize our lives to allow for maximum freedom to gather these experiences now, while we are healthy, young and determined.