As the Head Photographer Paolo Ferraris co-founded ALOR Consulting a content marketing agency started in 2013 in New York City. ALOR Italy is where Paolo shares his love of travel photography and fine art. Born in Torino, Italy in 1976, Paolo was raised in a home his Mother flooded with literature, poetry, and art. His Father readily shared his camera equipment and lenses with a young Paolo.

ALOR Italy Photographer Paolo Ferraris in Sardinia, Italy
ALOR Italy Photographer Paolo Ferraris in Sardinia, Italy

By age 11, Paolo informed his parents their vacations would no longer commence without him. Every August, the family traveled to faraway destinations (Asia, Africa, South America.) Paolo’s life was suddenly filled with exotic allure and inspiration from foreign cultures.

Paolo’s desire to become an Artist, to soar above what society, geography and time have in store for your life, hit a reality check after he dropped out of his first year at University. His parents would not accept an unfinished education. He ended up enrolling again at the University of Torino where he finally got his degree in Business and Economics in 2001.

At the graduation ceremony, Paolo shook hands silently promising himself he would never work a day of his life in the fields he studied in school. His second reality check came in the form of bills. Paolo bounced between jobs in marketing and sales. Never finding his footing, he moved to Rome where he studied Cinematography.

Finally, things began to click. In 2008, he picked up his old beloved tool, the camera, and moved to London and on to New York as a photojournalist. The great American Metropolis proved to be an inspiring companion for Paolo’s 30s.

He became a successful portrait photographer in New York City. There he met a wonderful woman named Brandy, now his wife, who supported his passion and pushed his artistic endeavors.

In 2016, Paolo opened his Fine Art Studio, Paolo Ferraris Colors.

Paolo’s childhood, travel, and love for Italy’s history combined with his introverted and thoughtful nature have created the framework for his artistic vision.

Photography (rooted in the reproduction of reality) and Painting (which focuses on interpretations of form and color) have never been so closely aligned as today. Thus Paolo’s definition of his body of work: Painterly Photographs.

Paolo’s main influence is the work of J.M.W. Turner, John Singer Sargent, and Francis Bacon.

Paolo currently splits his home base between America and Italy. He and his wife Brandy remain dedicated to exploring the world.