Travel List

In 2015, we launched ALOR to give voice to the growing awakening of Generation X. The Baby Boomer path to success had eroded, with us, right in the middle. Like many of our peers stuck in unsatisfying jobs, we saw trouble ahead.

Facing a cross roads, we adopted a new philosophy. Experience over possession.

This philosophy and working for ourselves, enables us the freedom to focus on doing what we love. Traveling. Writing. Photography.

Travel is an addictive, mind altering, full sensory experience. As artists, we crave inspiration and travel has proved a faithful muse.

We believe the time for GenX to go for it, is now.

See you on the road,

ALOR Travel List


  • Belgium
  • France
    • Paris
    • Annecy
    • Briançon
    • Carcassonne
  • Italy (Paolo’s first home, Mamma & Papà Home)
  • Portugal (Road Trip)
    • Lisbon
    • Porto
  • Spain (Road trip)
    • Haro
    • San Sebastián
    • Oviedo
    • Santiago de Compostela
    • Seville
    • Malaga (Ayaz & Val)
    • Granada
    • Valencia
    • Sant Pau d’Ordal
    • Barcelona
  • Switzerland

Central America

Southeast Asia

  • Myanmar (Christmas 2014)
  • Cambodia (New Years 2015)

South America


  • Puerto Rico
    • San Juan
  • British Virgin Islands

North America