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About Brandy Shearer

Like so many, I started out living paycheck to paycheck. Paying rent on $5 an hour. After living with soul crushing credit card debt for nearly twenty years, I hit reset on my spending habits, my career and my dreams.

Now, I work for myself, have financial freedom and most importantly freedom of time. On, I’m sharing my journey including the changes I made, plus the tips and tricks that got me where I am today. Join me as I embark on my next chapter, moving to Italy for a little ‘Dolce Vita’ with the love of my life, Photographer and Artist Paolo Ferraris.

Tuscan Memories Frozen in Time
Tuscan Memories Frozen in Time

My Journey


After graduating from The Ohio State University, I followed my dreams to New York City. Up the corporate ladder I went from AOL to InStyle to HBO to Food Network to being recruited as the Executive Producer for Discovery’s Digital Studio.

It was about this time, that I met Paolo Ferraris. Paolo softened me. My family remarked on how much lighter, freer and happier I seemed. After two years together, Paolo asked for my hand in marriage and two months later, we held a small wedding in New York City.

In 2013 we launched ALOR Consulting a content marketing agency and for the first time, I became my own boss. Our dream, was to take on food, beverage and hospitality clients thus building a mobile agency. One that would empower us to work all over the world.

The struggle of working together wasn’t easy at first but our reward for sticking with it, was mobility. In 2016 we lived nomadically traveling Europe and driving across the US. In 2017 we moved to Portland, Oregon and continued to grow our client base across the US.

By 2019, we were ready to move to Italy. Our plan was to keep a foothold in Florida close to my Mother and a slowly establish ourselves in Tuscany. Today, we’re waiting in isolation for COVID-19 to run it’s course so we, like the rest of the world can get on with our dreams.